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hello everybody

I'm a new user and very happy to participate.
I'm french and living in south france (Avignon) does someone know ?
Sorry for false
read you later


  • I am also new to thé forum and have bene to avignon'can you recomend a place to visit and a good restaurant:tank you and good l'UCI situ tour lessons
  • I'm a new user too. I try the forum. I start Gymglish I would like to learn better English. The method is easy and nice too.
    I'm French too and I don't know Avignon. I know Montpellier, Marseille, and else towns in south of France. It is a beautiful country.
    See you soon
  • I am also new user and and I would like to see if my Gymglich brings me facilities to speak with englishspeaking's people .
    I'm living in Brussel ( Belgium ) I went often to France for holidays and city-trips . I's a beautiful country and people are speaking th same languich as me .
    I wish you a very good Easter !!
  • Hi
    I leave in Marseille. I went sometimes in Avignon for the theatre festival, and also for art exhibitions. But I haven't see Srrano exhibition; i'm interested by his work with "The Morgue".
  • Yes Marseille is also a very nice town . I'm a fan of the telefilm " PLUS BELLE LA VILLE " I folow the story since the begining !!
    I'm folowing the GYMGLICH'lessons since 2 mounths . I' s a very good exercice for me because I'm travelling a lot .
    I wish you a very good weekend !
  • Hello Michle, hello everybody,

    I'm from Germany and not not as new as you, but I know the song "Sur le pont d'Avignon" and I like it. I remember Nice et Orange, but not your town. Please tell us more about it.


    From Michle:
    I'm a new user and very happy to participate.
    I'm french and living in south france (Avignon) does someone know ?
    Sorry for false
    read you later

  • Hi Jojo, Hi other people
    I have never seen "plus belle la vie", but I know a lot of people who watches and loves that soap. And there're actors of it who live in my neighboor. Sometimes friends of me tells me "look at that man, he's playing X in "plus belle la vie"".
    And there was a old soap made in Avignon: "la demoiselle d'Avignon", very romantic.
    But I prefer American tv serial like "Oz".
    I never went in Belgium but I would like to. I just know Brussel airport where I've transited when Sabena (very good aircraft compagny!) was existing.
    The same thing for Germany: only Francfürt and München airports, huge and confortable.
  • Hi all,
    Never been to France! what a shame!not this year either. Going to NYC pretty soon. Back from Ireland recently.
    Studying french as well. A real mess. Je suis desoleé!
    Finds Brussels really nice, specially when the sun shines (I had the chance to see it my self though this happens just once every 10 years! kidding)
    My english teacher calls me from Montpellier for our calls lessons! but she´s not French! amazing, isn´t it!
    But what it´s most I´m spanish and i work at a french company!
    Glad to say hello to everybody!


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