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Beginning with ............. Where is the Delavigne Corp ?

Hi !
I just subscribed for 1 year of GymGlish lessons but what a bad surprise ! The first lesson was no more about The Delavigne Corp. Am I going to get some lessons about them again ? I miss them !!!
I hope this story is not only for "pro" subscribers !!


  • Whacky, i really loved, and loved that moovie, Jeff Bridges is much better than John Waines who " en faisait des kilos", sorry i can't translate that , perhaps overplayed ?
    Anyway i love the Coen Brother's stuff ; i have seen "A Serious man "as well but not "The big Lebowski", shame on me.
    "quel cran" was not a so bad translation ? i have thought of an other translation but too ill bread i supposed !
    If you like moovies, did you see "Shaun of the Dead", somptuous, a kind oh remake of "la nuit des morts vivants",tremendous, and much mure funny and stressless : laugh, blood, mockery and.....a lot of pleasure.

    Cheers Weaky
  • Hey Whacky,
    nice to read you.... i thought you were ending the game.
    As I am obstinate ( not sure of the word, perhaps subbonn ?)... i saw recently a super moovie : TRUE grit... in this meaning, true is... true. I just LOVED it, i mean the moovie, but, years ago it mas translated as " 100 pour a sherif ( John Wayne), what a shame ! " perso" : i would have said :
    " Quel cran ".
    Cheers Whacky.
  • I don't know how to thank you Whacky !
    You just saved my marriage !
    I shudder to think that my boyfriend could imagine, for one second, me and both Coen brothers in my bed... Bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Anyway, your experience is interresting. You reached the level 5.5 in four months (starting at a beautiful 5.0), but you have kept on working on Gymglish for 2 years. Now I understand your outstanding level of English.
    It gives me hope, since Gymglish already gives me a 5.1 level, that I think is totally unearned given all my grammar mistakes and my poor vocabulary. I was a little worried about the level I could reach with Gymglish in just 0,4 points left in the general scale.

    Thank you again for your advice about the Coen brothers ;-)

  • Hi Whacky, Hi Victorine,

    Sorry to disturb you in your I-love-Coen brothers-films-more-than-you chat (you'll never find a greatest fan than me anyway... the last shots of A Serious Man, so cynical, I love it).

    Well, I just wanted to go back on PJ's issue.
    I started Gymglish 2 months ago, and untill now I had at the most 5 lessons about Delavigne Corporation, plus two Funky Fridays. But I'am very happy about it, and I do like Radio Rhubarb and the newspaper articles, that are both rich in vocabulary and often outspoken and ironic.

    Whacky, do you know if it is related to the general level ? (since i didn't select any topic of interest, or rather I selected all of them)

    all the best !
  • Hi Noémie

    Hahaha, a good sense of humor. I hope you didn't take exception to my little remark. I was just giving an advice about English - about something I considered noteworthy. Besides, I do myself a favour as well, when I pick such things. It helps me hone my still flawed English skills. And it was by no means a rebuke or critic concerning your English (which I regard impressively good).

    But my level 5.5 says nothing. I am still a learner, and I'm far from being fluent or perfect. And I am nowhere near a native speaker. And I still make grammar mistakes.

    Well, butt he Coean brothers, respectively their movies, helped me a little bit to work on my English - beside other medias. It's a hard, arduous struggle - and it never cease to frustrate and demand. But once in a while there is light at the end of the tunnel, and sometimes you think you have accomplished something, but then again you realize: 'What a clumsy English speaker I am!'.

    Anyway, I have braced myself for a decade-long struggle with my English, with no real end.

  • Hi Noemie,

    A funny thought stroke me, when I read your line 'I-love-Coen brothers-films-more-than-you'. I would never ever say this to my girlfriend.

    The better way would be: 'I-love-Coen brothers-films-more-than-you-do'. That's more unequivocal and less cause for misundertandings.

    But back to your concern:
    Quite frankly: I don't know whether the frequency of Radio Rhubarb lessons has something to do with the general level of a subscriber. At least, I haven't had the impression during the 2 years I've been with GymGlish. I started at General Level 5.0 and was at 5.5 four months later, and I didn't noticed a shift in emphasize during that time of increase. Once in a while, there has been a period of two weeks or so in which I predominantly received RR lessons, but that was after I had attained general level 5.5. (Personally, the Radio Rhubarb broadcasts appear more difficult and demanding to me. I think other users have the same impression).

    Of course, on the other hand, I can imagine that the choice of interests has some impact on it, because some topics might better be covered by RadioRhubarb lessons than by Delavigne stories. Nevertheless, I've changed my interests preferences a couple of times, but the bulk of the lesson have always consisted of Delavigne stories, which then actually dealt with the spheres of interests I selected.

    That's my impressions due to my own course. The simple answer is: I don't know a certain answer.

  • You are talking about 'True Grit', directed by the Coen Brothers. The critiques cannot laud that movie enough and as far as I know it is a candidate for a lot of Oscars. The Coen Brothers are a legend, for example for the movie 'The Big Lebowski'. The Coen-movies I like the best are 'A serious man' and 'Fargo'. Both Coen Brothers (Joel and Etan) have studied philosophy, and each of their movie usually have a philosophical topic as a key ingredient. But 'True Grit' is a remake of a Western Classic, and I don't know whether they incorporate a specific philosophical topic in it.

    'True Grit' is an English colloquial term, meaning 'true courage', 'to have guts', 'to have true dash'.
    If you approach a dangerous, insecure situation intrepidly, you have 'true grit'. Not to be confused with stupidity, when a person don't realize the danger. If you know about the risk of an endeavor, and you embark on it anyway, you show 'true grit'.
  • Don't be upset and be reassured: You will be definitely led back to the goings-on in the Delavinge cooperation. GymGlish lessons are every now and then interpersed with topics which have nothing to do with Bruno, his dog Stink and all his beloved (or less beloved) staff members. You won't we spared very long the lovely mess and hubbub, the interpersonal, all to human little affairs between Icarus, Brian, Philip, Susie, Horatio and so on so forth. Radio Rhubard lessons and other newspaper topics are more or less only a diversification thing, which makes for a nice change. The major part of your GymGlish lessons will be about the Delavigne coorporation. A precise percentage is hard to gauge, but’s let’s make a rough estimate: 80% is about Delavigne. Maybe I’m not very correct with this number, but you see the direction.

    My piece of advice as long-term subscriber to you: Stay calm, stay put and stay with GymGlish. You won't regret it. Sometimes, you will get to know even more the Delavigne tribe than you can digest ;)
  • Hi !
    I just subscribed for 1 year of GymGlish lessons but what a bad surprise ! The first lesson was no more about The Delavigne Corp. Am I going to get some lessons about them again ? I miss them !!!
    I hope this story is not only for "pro" subscribers !!

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