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I must confess it...

I must confess now, I quite agree with Joe : “The Gurdjieff theory is so much fanciful that the story the characters are brought to live is unexpected, eccentric and distorted”.
As I replied to Whacky, I believe the Palo Alto Group (Bateson, Watzlawick, Weakland, Haley, Fry, Jackson…) has had a major contribution to the knowledge of communication process, far more decisive than any kind of human typology. (what a typology for would also be a good question...)
But I have been given a mission and it has to be completely performed. You know I don’t like to characterize a type by a single word and I prefer to give them a number : we’ve overviewed ONE, TWO, THREE, FIVE, SEVEN, EIGHT. Next and last topics will then be : FOUR, SIX and NINE.


  • We're all looking forward to searching the last 3 characters.
    Thank you, Donna Donna.

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