The Delavigne Corporation

Harold and Suzie, story of the SIXes.

Hard workers, trustworthy, Harold P. Warbucle and Suzan E. Bliss have these common traits. But in their Delavigne Corp. performance, they are constantly showing self-doubt. SIXes are always frightened of being left alone, with no support (perhaps just because it happened to them when they were very young). When they trust someone (Bruno, for Harold or Suzan), they will soon consider him/her as a mentor or a guru. Whatever happens, SIXes are loyal to their friends and beliefs. Their main danger is that there can be a failure in their self-confidence especially when not in touch with their mentor. When they learn to face their anxieties, they can behave in harmony like a NINE (Brian). Under stress, they will have the attitude of a THREE (Philip).


  • Donna Dear, so sorry not to ansmer correctly for
    ennaegrams, you know i wish, you know i perhaps could, you know how lazzy i am !
    but overall :
    like the pussy cat of the nursery ryme :
    "Where did you go,
    Where have you gone...
    ...or something like that....
    these little "comptines" are so far amay !
  • Hi Vic, there is still no sign of Donna :) . Will you make her come back with pussy cats stories...I hope so. Every cat has a different temper : can they be arranged in an enneagram ? Best regards to Mimzelle and Tonton (has he be named Tonton because of a famous political leader ?;)
  • No, because "Tonton" came home, by himself, and took care of my litle
    she-cat, Mimzelle, so we agreed "Tonton" as an uncle for my little pussy.
    So sad not to have any have news of Donna...
    Good night Sophie.
  • Well, I hope you have a nice day and work well tonight. At 11:47 I'm asleep and generally see my posts in the morning. My oncle has had cats all the time since I remember. One day he brought a kitten home from my aunt's farm. and old she-cat didn't appreciate and she flew away : never seen her since :( . Do Mimzelle and Tonton ask to go outside on the roofs at night ?
  • 'oncle' cannot not even be written in bold letters, not even BBcode would recognize it as an existing word. (maybe in Cockney, yes)

    But does that really matter in a fourm, ruled by the dictatorship of 'sticky topics'?

    World out there, listen: We are getting oppressed by the omnipotent, arbitrary power of GG forum dictators ;)

    Spread the word! Get us out of here! ;) ;)
  • I am sorry, but this kind of game (enneagram) looks to me very stupid. I think there are 2 kinds of people : those who want that everybody keep learning and improving and the trivial ones who only think of having fun. It is the same on this forum and I think that leadership (not perhaps dictatorship, though...) should belong to the first ones for the sake of the whole population.
  • My dear Yann!!

    You have not the intelligence and the knowledge to see that I was ironic and indeed critizing what
    some other people brought the ridicolous term 'dictatorship' into play.

    You have obviously not the willingness to learn about people and your are just floating on absolutely superficial impressions.

    You don't realize who I am supporting and who I am pitting against.
  • My 'dear' Yann!!

    Not everybody has to be exposed to so-called 'authorities', such as an administration and organized church life. Too many so-called 'authorities' don't have the moral integrity and values anymore to lead other people for the benefit of the whole society – and especially NOT in the church! And, not seldom, in economy and business, some leaders increasingly only work for personal profit and to satisfy stakeholders and the stock market, much to the chagrin of the employees And the whole society and the social climate.

    What has happened during the last decade and which had lead us both to an outrageous, totally irresponsible financial crisis AND the inevitable decline of our oil reserve worldwide (ALL AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN!) proofs that the so-called 'authorities' in economy have lost their moral compass, failed and did terrible mistakes against whole societies! So-called 'authorities' in the banking sector sold shaky 'credit default swaps' to unsuspecting customers in the insurance business, so-called 'authorities' in government LIED to the people and precipitated wars and invasions in the middle east, based on LIES and diguised as humanitarian operations. So-called 'authorities' in the banking sector urged their employees to foist foul mortgages to unsuspecting customers.

    And I don't even go into authorities like the Catholic church! Those authorities committed terrible crimes against humanity and foisting their arbitrary dogmas on people, just to exert power. And you have the temerity to sing a praise to clerical authority. This is an insult to all victims of those hierarchies.

    We are heading towards a disaster when our economy will collapse, not least because were are inevitable running out of oil! And the so-called 'authorities' in the oil industry are lying to us as to the real oil production, in order to keep the 'good spirit' up and keep the economy running only ON DEPTH. But the real authorities and science unanimously confirm that 'Peak Oil', the apex in worldwide oil production, is already behind us, and that oil production will not longer meet the demand, with devastating consequences for all of us! And exactly YOUR children and grandchildren will pay the prize for the negligence, the laziness and the vanity of your generations and our so-called 'authorities'. THEN you can be really ashamed, but then it's too late!

    That's no socialist's talk, no environmentalist's talk, no lefty moralist talk. That's the hard facts. And we all have to pay for it, sooner or later. And particularly the next generations.

    And everybody, who thinks that being exposed to authority in business life is necessarily a good thing hasn't realized that 'authority' doesn't necessarily mean that being led leads to good results - and that being exposed to 'authorities' cannot replace self-responsibility and discrete thinking.

    Maybe, there are some type of persons, who needs le

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