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Detective novels, crime stories, thrillers, "polars"...

I do like detective novels, crime stories, hard-boiled littérature, thrillers and all that kind of litterature. My favorite writers for the american are : Michael Connelly, James Ellroy, George P. Pelecanos, Denis Lehane; for the British: Graham Hurley, Mo Hayder, Minette Walters, John Connelly, and for the French: Franck Thillez, Brigitte Aubert, Dominique Sylvain, Patrick Bard.
I'm reading now "ritual" by Mo Hayder.
I'd like to talk with people who like this litterature.


  • Hello Euridice, like you I read a lot of these litterature.
    You mention american and french authors, what about the others ?
    Qiu Xiaolong, the chinese King, an oher way, really, he even makes you discover chinese poetry and old dresses like Quipao.
    What do you think of the nordics one ? Larson, Indridanson... and don't forget the italiens and spanish writers, Montalban, Camilieri , full of colours, flavoring food and nice women...
    A way to travel a lot staying home, thanks to all these people.
    If you like humour, belgium Nadine Montfils is nothing but pure pleasure and fun.
    I had some difficulties with the turkish stories and, i just gave up, anyway, i likeTurkey, perhaps they are better in things like "les mille et une nuit", i'am kidding !
    Don't read to late at night.... it's hard to get up next morning.
  • Hi Victorine.
    I'm like you: I like a lot Turkey. I went about 8 times in that country. I don-t know a lot their litterature because it's not often translated. But i like Yachar Kemal, who is Kurd, specially the serail of " Ince Mehmet". And I also like Orhan Pamukk, the Nobel prize of Litterature, but this writer is hardest to read. "Kara kitap" (the black book) was difficult for me because it contains a lot of references about soufi culture. But I liked "My name is red", about the art of painting and miniatures. And I really enjoyed "Snow".
    Do you know Arif Pirinci: He's a crime story writer, a Turkish from Germany. He wrote "Félidés", a very good, amazing, funny crime story: the heroe is a cat nammed Francis who enquiries about accidents wich happen to cats and look like murders. In that original novel, the detective who is the narrator is a cat, the victims are cats, and the murderer...
    I've never read Nadine Montfils.As funny crime stories authors I like a lot Carl Hiaasen, Janet Evanovitch, Christopher Moore (very weird and delirant stories) and Joe R. Lansdale (completly politically incorrect).
    I read Qiu Xialong. Good stories and a lot of interresting informations about contemporary China. Do you know Peter May ? He's a Scottish writer whose stories happening in Beijiing. Very interresting too.
    I like Chinese litterature, and autors like Lao She, Pa King, Lu Wengfu. And I enjoy a lot Japanese litterature, specially Murakami Haruki.And I like their crime stories autors like Edogawa Rampo or Natsumo Kirino: "Out" is a very good novel.
    I've difficulties with Scandinavian detective novels authors. Their stories are too quiet for me. I've enjoyed a lot the second opus of Milemium because of the absolutly amazing and weird caracter of Lisbeth Sallander but the first and the third one's for me looked too much classical. It's the same thing for Indridason; I've only read "the woman in green", but for me it's more a family melodrama than a crime story. In Scandinivia, I prefer the Finish author: Arto Paasilinna.
    I read a little bit Italian and Spanish autors. Not by absence of interest but it's impossible to read everything! Heelas! We should have at least twenty lifes.

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