English Idioms

during a robbery

you're history! tu es foutu! example;open the register,or you're history!


  • Gosh! Lucky me! I wasn't the victim of that robbery.
    So I am not history yet! Still a living GGuser.
  • In todays lesson, we learn what we need to conduct a successful bank robbery when staying abroad. Listen carefully to the following scene:

    Bank robber: 'Hands up! This is a stick-up. Nobody moves or I blow your brain out!".
    To the teller: 'You! Get in there in fill that bag! And keep away from the alarm button, or you're history, capiche?'.

    That's all it takes to make a colourful career as bank robber. And, if possible, a 44 Magnum. Makes an impression.
  • If all else falls, I'll try it like this.

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