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(May Day) hating fascist !

Quelle serait la traduction de hating fascist ?
Si on le demande à Gimglish on obtient :

"Here is the vocabulary you requested :
to hate: détester, haïr
Excerpt: May Day hating fascist!"

Avec ça, je suis bien avancé !

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  • Hi all,

    Whacky, your comments are right on, and you're right as well that this term would benefit from a hyphen: A May Day-hating fascist would be more clear. Just to clear it up once and for all: A May Day-hating fascist is a fascist who hates May Day (a socialist holiday celebrated in many countries on the first of May).

    I hope this information helps!

    from the GymGlish Team
  • When we are on the sea on "rêve de vent",our old boat,
    "may day" ? it's a word i don't wish to use it.
    But who knows what we w'll do if attacedk by.... shall i become ?
    who knows before being in front of it.
    Nevertheless, The sea is still blue for the time being, I mean, i hope so;
  • welcome back, GG Team Member, on the forum : this is great news and it does help a lot ;) . Please don't give up, just keep the ball rolling as our Mother Donna Donnovan once said...

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