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hello im a new member here

excuse me
is this forum for chatting or discussing about english problem?


  • nice little song for kids
  • That has implications and 'in for a penny, in for a pound'.

    For all those who always wanted to know how is behind 'Metrics Controller' (but never dared to ask) here is the
    home story of 'Metrics Controller':
  • Yes - I have recognized some time ago that you bear an
    uncanny resemblance with a favourite figure on mine during my infancy: 'Count Count' of Sesame Street:
    He digs counting and statistics - and everytime something adds up, thunder rumbles and lightnings streak over his head - and he is highly delighted. You're 'Count Count'.
  • Yes and No. Take a piece of friendly of advise from me.
    Due to 'Metrics Controller', this is only a crazy forum, full of crazy minds. Escape as long as you still can...
    Unless you have something to discuss about motherboards and drivers and take 'Metrics Controllers' fancy. Than this is the right forum.
  • Well done Cadet Young, this is a nice song for kids (as Victorine says) and also for statisticians ! Metrics Controller's lessons are now over but as we are colleagues, I made him watch on my smartphone (because we are not allowed to see funny things on our screens ;) , we are supposed to count all day).
  • Hello ms.bonny and Cadet Young, how old are you (precisely) ? I have to collect figures to make statistics : it is my mission and the only way I can survive. Like Count Dracula looking for blood or "hamster" looking for drivers, I'm looking for numbers. I thought I could find some at "The Delavigne Corporation" but they only use numbers as labels because they don't want to give names. CU MC

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