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missing drivers

Something bothers me: you just don't change your motherboard, on aacount of missing drivers. It's a software matter, not a hardware one. You need to search for them on the web and download them... that's all. If a tech support told me to buy a new motherboard on account of missing drivers, I would be very puzzled: are they joking or do they really mean it?


  • Hello Hamster; you seem to be right...and perhaps you are an exception. As I spend my time making numbers, I'd say : how many missing drivers are there ? But it would not change your problem. You seem to be the only really sane writer on a crazy chapter of a crazy forum in a crazy story. I have a question : why did you write your complaint here ? If you are looking for a compassionate soul, OK, I am, but remember, my job is just to say how much. perhaps try to contact The Spirit of IAQ.
    Bye, and keep the wheel rolling :) MC

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