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about revolution

what do think about Arab people revolution...?


  • I thought Russian and French sold most weapons to Qaddafi ? i was told that german don't sell that much weapons, but i'am far from being an expert in military business.
    I like pour metaphor Wacky, if it's one.
  • hi porkeno
    no,zakali isn't Arabic name but a nickname fo participate in this forum
    mostly in arabic contries there is a bad regim,people are suffer by the type of management....
    revolution is necessary for have all freedom,speatch... infact people can request and demand what they need and schoose the politic party with a really election....
    khaddafi is the bad president in world.
    i'm an old (54) from tunisia a man.
    about movie i didn't,i will try
  • what do think about Arab people revolution...?
  • about the market of weapon ? where they come from, which countries selling them ?


    That's an interesting and decisive question. Qaddafi has a punchy army and I'm sure his county does not produce the weaponry and military equipment itself. The arms must come from somewhere.

    The most recent abstention from voting by Germany in terms of a military strike against Qaddafi is not that suprising to me. It seems to me (maybe I'm mistaken) that the German government knows exactly why they don't want to be involved in a strike against one of their best weaponry client: German export figures are outstanding not only because of the auto industry and power plant technology: What is often concealed is that the armor exports play a significant role. But that's something that is often kept mum about. Of course, it' understandable. That is not to say that the German government (and industry) hopes to keep Qaddafi in office in order to sustain their good business partner. No. They want to get rid of him when he becomes a threat to their credibility. They will demonize him like everybody else when the right time comes. The reason for the abstention may be a different one:

    Nobody likes to admit that he is affluent because his daughter works in a brothel. And nobody wants to take part in a raid in a brothel where his daughter (still) hooks.
  • Hi,

    If you permit me to correct a big mistake. Kadafi isn' a president but a colonel. a president it s personn who has been elected by people. A peace revolution is good think but unfortunetly it s hard to lead it because the dictators only want to stay forever in theirs chairs! they are too stupid and they hate theirs own people, it's a shame for them!!

    thanks for this debat.


    ps: I am 35 and live in France.

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