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An architect

Hi, I am a new reader. The enneagram is the most interesting invention since the horoscope. I have to find an architect for my new home; do you think the enneagram can help me choose him/her ?


  • High Sophie Moa,

    perhaps you should go double tracked with first the yellow pages and then the enneagramm. (Which one?) Don't forget the Lunar Calendar.
  • Yes, I agree, I must not forget the effects of the moon! my new house will not be far from the sea, I must take care of the tide and tsunamis.
  • Why not trying FENG SUI ? I have heard that it's an intuitive art used by architects and designers to make your home "positive".

    As Enneagramm, rules of Feng Sui are rather complex, so, don't ask me how it works, i just don't know. Anyway , nice idea.
    Perhaps safer to start looking in Yellow pages as said Cimehl.
    Good luck.
  • I don't what feng sui is can anybody explain it to me? Thanks :-)
  • To begin with:

    Feng Shui (wind - water) is an old Chinese system which tries to harmonize the Chi (or Qi)what means life force or élan vital, in buildings, landscapes and so on.

    Who will continue?
  • hint : " Le Maître du Feng Sui", detective novel by Nury Vittachi. C.F Wong, his famous detective will introduce you to the Feng sui world.

    Who's next ?
  • Dear Friends,
    thanks very much for your help. I'll read it for sure. But it will take time. I have to find an architect having a good pratice of Feng Sui, perhaps a chinese architect ?
  • The Feng Shui-disciples always suggest to shut the toilet-lid; otherwise your house will be a ful garbage, mess or complete crap.
  • Hi you all,

    ways to find the right architect is quite a philosophy, it depends on what you want to get, what you want to do by urself and how many money you will spend for it. Whether it was the right one, the end will show.
    We had got by recommendation of other clients and friends a young creative one who till that time had won many prices. He was a strong working man, always present on (at?)the construction site, who was respected by all members (Gewerk)of the building: excavation workers, steelworkers and plumbers, carpenters, roofers and tilers, electritions, heating engineers etc.
    But before the end of construction he crashed with his aeroplane while taking pictures of all his buildings in construction and took the carpenter with him and they died a premature death. And there we were with the rest of the unfinished building all alone.

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