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translate community and acute services



I'm about to apply for a job in mental health care but I have difficulties to translate the term "community" each time when it's used below (you'll be of a great help if you could tell me) :

Queensland Health delivers a range of integrated services including:

- hospital inpatient, outpatient and emergency services
Service intra-hospitalier, service extra-hospitalier (dispensaire, ou consultation ambulatoire, ou consultations ecxternes) et services d'urgences

- acute and community mental health services
service de santé mentale de crise et "communautaire???"

- primary healthcare in community health settings and population health units
Premier soin "en dispensaire public????" " et unité de santé de la populatio????"

- chronic disease management in hospitals and community health centres.
Gestion hospitaliére des maladies chhroniques et dispensaires


  • Bernard, first of all I must say that I am not a specialist in mental care.
    Now I wonder why you need to translate if you are to apply for a job in Australia.
    Translating names of institutions or official services is not an easy task as similar institutions change of name as you shift from a country to another.

    I want nonetheless tell you how I get your question.

    - acute and community mental health services
    I would venture 'services d'urgence médico-sociaux de santé mentale'

    - community health settings
    I think such places provide free health care for local people. You seem to be right with "dispensaires publics".

    - population health units
    Go to http://www.aihw.gov.au/organisation-detail/?id=6442451461
    In Australia a 'Population Health Unit' provides information of the health of population and priority sub-populations, it covers health inequalities and so on.
    That's why names as 'Community Health Settings' and 'Population Health Units' shouldn't be translated.

    - chronic disease management in hospitals and community health services.
    I risk 'Gestion des maladies chroniques en hôpitaux et en dispensaires'.

    Wish you were appointed.

  • - 'acute and community mental health services'
    I think I'd translate it : 'Services de thérapie mentale de crises et de groupes'
    cheers Donna

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