English Grammar

Je ne reçois plus gymglish depuis 2 jours

Où peut-on valablement entrer en contact avec vous car aucune des réponses trouvées ne correspondent à mon cas de figure?
admettons que mon ordinateur ne fonctionne pas, je ne reçois rien sur ma tablette ni sur mon IPhone.
Merci de faire le nécessaire.


  • Hi,
    Try maybe to present ur problem in english. Maybe they will see ur comittment by that and then, answer to u.
  • I agree with Etag ;) , and more... try an email corporate@gymglish.com or support AT gymglish.com. Perhaps GG mails are considered as 'spam' by mailboxes such as wanadoo or orange. GG Group Leaders come very seldom on this forum :( . Anyway, don't feel sad or lonely GG members are a great family worlwide.
  • Yes you can write to corporate AT gymglish.com, it works (and I think even if you write in French). I've got a proof. Are you still waiting ?

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