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Thanks to a stranger

Hello there, not sure, whether this is a place for my short story. But I'd love to share it. I will keep it short and simple:
I went for the first ride with the nineteen years old motorbike in this year today. It was already 0530 PM. Just a short trip. In a tiny village close to my hometown there was a sign to a little fish restaurant. Never been there before. I turned left spontanously. May be that was a nice destination for another sunday excursion. When I had looked around the place, my bike's engine did not came back to live again. Only two minutes later a young man appeared. He seemingly had some tasks to do. But When I asked him for some help he turned around, reached into the trunk of his car and got a 12 Volt Power Set in his hand. We connected it with the battery of my bike and the machine started immediately. He smiled and refused to receive anything by me. Now I am back home without former trouble. Thank you stranger. By the way: I am not an attractive female. Just an average middle aged male.
Thank you for your attention


  • Nice story! Pretty miraculous!
  • perhaps it is just because of your nickname, just like Lucky Luke :-)
  • Hello, Veinarr. That's indeed a riveting story, and we can all envision the situation vividly.

    Since the young man didn't betray his name to you, let us call him 'Igor' (unknown-wise). And let us all together thank helpful, modest and taciturn Igor for saving your Sunday evening trip. Had it been Eastern morning, I would have been inclined to say: This was Jesus, the Saviour.

    This incident proofs that effective help doesn't require much words. And it proofs something else: That even middle aged men can receive chivalric support from other men. And it proofs again the great value of engineering work. Hence, let us not only thank 'Igor' - let us all be a little grateful to the engineers who invented that 12-Volt-Portable-Power-Supply.

    But, above all, in the name of all GymGlish participants: Thanks Igor!

    And with a great, great deal of luck, Igor is a GymGlish learner as well and can read this little speech of thanks.
  • Back to the forum one week later - and amazed about various warm replies. I did not expect any. Considering that this is the first forum I have ever joined, you could see me smile right now.

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