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Wind? Water? and what about the Sun

It seems to be very important : what does Feng Sui say about the sun and light in general?



    You'll find everything about Feng Sui on the net, just use Google.
    Sun is important as well.
  • Hi you all,

    why do you write it Feng Sui and not as usual "Feng Shui"?
    Karen wrote to first mist out your clutter or ancient clotter to gain a lot of your full power back.

    How about your process in that subject, Soph?
  • Wind Water seems to be the translation of Feng Shui, nothing else.
  • 'How about your process in that subject, Soph?'
    Well, first, please excuse my poor english as it is not my mother's tongue, neither my father's who made me inherit the house.
    I'll explain to you, Sunny19, the process but I am not sure it is that process you want to speak about. Anyway, I'll tell about the process of finding an architect Feng Shui specialist or not able to help me transform a 50 square meters house with just one bed room to a 100 sm with 3 bedrooms.
    Architects have always very nice ideas for designing a house but when time has come to make the craftsmen work together, they don't come to the building site anymore. That is just why I wanted to know if any of you has got the right method of choosing a good architect ;-) Thanks

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