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About "contempt"

I don't understand this phrase, given by gymglish as an excerpt for the word "contempt", though I know what "contempt" means :
"I will hold you in contempt of court."
Thanks for help


  • 'Contempt of court' is a special juristic (legal) term. I'm nowhere near being an expert for law, but that much I'll try to help:

    'Contempt of court' means somebody shows disrespect for the court, either by not appearing at court, in spite of having been summoned, or by resisting the instructions of the judge during a trial.

    'to hold sb . in contempt of court' is to take legal steps against (penalize) somebody for showing disrepect for the court, that is to hold sb. accountable for opposing the instructions of the jugde.

    (I wonder how hard it might be to take legal steps against somebody for not respecting the court if he doesn't have any respect for the court and any legal authorities. Might be difficult and could lead to an endless iteration. But that's not pertinent for answering the question).
  • i like to know the vocabulary of innercircle
  • I like that, too, and I am not a part of that inner circle. Nobody of my next-of-kin is a lawyer, an attorney, a state prosecutor or a jugde. And I've never been at court myself, neither as defendant (of course not) - nor as witness or just as onlooker. But, like many others, I've watched some court scenes in movies or read some in books. Anyway, it's good to know some special terms. Why not? It could pay off one of these days - who knows?
  • if is so;e one who knows innercircle he can explqin to us

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