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Who are you ?

Who are you ?

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  • Don't me!
  • My name is Doris Provencher and i am a studens.
  • helo it's sam my surname or we can say''love and peace it's SURJIT'' my name
  • i'm new i strarted yesterday
  • I florent, Who are you
    me I'm oke

    From Florent:
    Who are you ?

  • Hello!
    I'm the future general director of delavigne corporation morocco!
    don't worry, just morocco!
    from yassine.
  • Fowarding to Yassine this tip from the Delavigne Corp. CEO.

    'That Elkahim Kalam is a wretched calamity. He puts me in a cold sweat.'
  • Hello everybody,

    My name is Valentin, I'm a student, my english is very bad but i want to improve in english.

  • Hello,

    my name is Isamin. I'm a German student who try to learn English. It's the first day that I use GymGlish. At first I only test it. But I think it's a good opportunity to learn English.
  • hello, I'm Maria. I'm a spanish teacher. I need to improve my english. This is my first day in gymglish, but I don'n know how to do de first lesson. I only can entry in foros place. Can you help me?

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