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Who are you ?

Who are you ?

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  • From mari06:
    hello, I'm Maria. I'm a spanish teacher. I need to improve my english. This is my first day in gymglish, but I don'n know how to do de first lesson. I only can entry in foros place. Can you help me?

  • From Doris Provencher:
    Don't me!

      hi! I am Francine
  • I am french and specially from an french island "guadeloupe" and i would like speak english perfectly!!!!
  • Hi, I'm Cara, I'm new on Gym, I reach already to fourth english lesson, it's a long way to know english....hello everybody, I'm glad to be here, near all of you. Have a nice day you all!
  • Hi
    I am Colombian student who living in New York. I just came to the forum and I hope to enjoy it.
  • Hi everybody !
    Who am I ? I don't really know ? But I am, or I think so. Am I ? Do you think so ? Help me! Suddenly I don't know if I am or I am not... Pchuit... I was and now I am not yet......................................
  • Best Zina,
    The philosophy of the being as you curled it in a two lines précis recently has made a row on earth as it is in heaven. Descartes, Freud, Shakespeare, Heidegger, Sartre, ... and dozens of dozens of philosophers are about to hold a congress to comment your thought.
    And above all - joking aside - I love your say.
  • WHAT is she doing ? ,
    SHE doesn't do anything!
    WHAT is she saying ?,
    SHE doesn'say anything !
    What is she thinking about ?
    She is thinking about nothing !
    Why is she doing nothing
    why is she saying nothing,
    why is she thinking about nothing ?
    she doesn't exist !
  • Dear forestine79 the poet around the corner,

    I love your say.
    Just the answer on the last line could be else if you were living on a Buddhist ashram.
    Thank God, you aren't nothingness.
  • hellow
    my name is hayde

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