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Who are you ?

Who are you ?

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  • I´m from Venezuela
  • Hello, my name is Maria, I from Tijuana
  • hallo everybody..I am an Spanish free spirit trying to learn more and more English...
  • Hi, i',m julieta a need to learn english soon
  • Julieta said more or less what comes in the following line.
    Hi, I'm Julieta and need to learn English soon.


    Pleased to meet you, Julieta.
    You were quite right in coming on here down the forum. It's a good spot to practise your English on mates of all kinds.
    But as being a guardian angel I feel bound to give you a warning.
    There are a lot of Romeos roaming around here. Be careful you don't be taken in by love with a Romeo. You'd be led to a deadly end. As you're young, babe, you'd be an easy prey for Romeos.
    That's why I offer to give you my help. I'd stay discreetly by your side keeping an eye on your says and doings, preventing you to fall in love. I'm a spiritual being, Julieta. So you may be confident.
    Do you agree?
    Let's get started at once.
    You say you need to learn English soon. That means that you are about to start learning. Now you've already started learning as you are here in the forum, you are busy learning now. [soon = immediately, at once; or speedily, at soon as possible, momentarily.]
    I guess you wanted to say: I need to learn English fast [at a fast rate of improving your command of English].

    Be confident, Julieta, come on soon with your next writing.
    Don't worry, work steadily... you'll be happy.
  • From Florent:
    Who are you ?


    From Borat:
    My name a Borat

  • Hello! I am Chantal from Nice .

    From Yassine Elhakim Kalam:
    I'm the future general director of delavigne corporation morocco!
    don't worry, just morocco!
    from yassine.

  • From Florent:
    Who are you ?


    From Willy The Security Guard:
    I am Willy, The Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp!
    Peace Out,


    From Borat:
    My name a Borat


    From Sandrine Ananga:
    what means "peace out" in french

  • Hello!
    My name is Molly, a Polly's friend!
    And you,how are you?
  • From Florent:
    Who are you ?

      I am Worcq, my nickname is Worq. I will to learn english to talk my grand-daughter who to live in USA. I live in belgium, i talk french

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