The Delavigne Corporation

Who are you ?

Who are you ?

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  • Greetings Molly,
    Friend of Polly.

    We are doing well
    Under your spell.
    Thanks to your behavior
    You are our savior.

    This place had been dedicated,
    as it’s explicitly stated
    on its front door plaque notation
    to Delavigne Corporation.

    It should have been reserved
    to people who deserved
    a very high and wide recognition
    for being part of that institution.

    Everybody that this place enters
    wants to meet Delavigne characters,
    a Polly, a Susie, a Kevin, a Cheeter,
    or the others altogether.

    But all that we can see
    is just a wannabe
    barging into the room,
    knocking down the good broom.

    They tell nothing but their nick name
    hoping that way they’ll get the fame.
    They turn on, they tune in, they drop out,
    they leave us, quite sheepish, hereabout.

    That’s why, Molly, we are happy
    to meet with you, friend of Polly.

    Polly? the personal assistant of Bruno.
    Molly? are you assistant of a CEO?
    Personal to whom?
    Committed to whom?

    Polly? of pure American breed.
    And you Molly? Which line do you lead?
    Welsh or English, which is your line?
    Scottish, Finnish, that would be fine.

    Molly, tell us a bit more about Polly.
    Molly, tell us much more about Molly.
    Is Polly short?
    Is Molly tall?
    Is Polly fair-haired?
    Molly a brunette?
    Does Polly talk biz?
    Does Molly talk love?
    And so on, Molly, at your best discretion.
    The list is up to you. The items are yours.
    The pleasure will be ours.
    You don’t need to use rhymes.
    We prefer truth to chimes.
  • From worcq:
    am Worcq, my nickname is Worq. I will to learn english to talk my grand-daughter who to live in USA. I live in belgium, i talk french


    Hello Worcq,
    My nickname is Flo.
    You learn English to be able to talk to your granddaughter living in the USA? Good smart you started with GymGlish because they teach American English.
    You live in Belgium? and you speak French?
    I am from Switzerland but I stay in Belgium for now.
    Would you talk English live with me? Post your phone number or e-mail address to
  • From Molly:
    My name is Molly, a Polly's friend!
    And you,how are you?


    Hello Molly,
    I wonder whether I didn't meet with you one year ago at a theatre festival in Spa, Belgium.
    The Molly I met there was a very sporty girl, a racing cyclist.
    Her mother is a playwriter and theatre director named Geneviève Damas.
    If you are that Molly, please tell me.
  • My name is mathilde I live in Caen near Paris

  • Hullo Miss Tinguette,

    You'are Mathilde?
    Coming on from Caen, nearby Paris!

    Mother, the time has come to go and cry for my salvation
    Mathilde is back!
    Let's sing with the great Jacques
    (copy and paste to sing with Jacques and myself.)

    Wine dealer, you can keep your wine to night,
    I'll drink my sorrow,
    Mathilde has returned.
    You maid Maria, perhaps it'd be better to change our sheets,
    Mathilde has returned.
    My friends, don't leave me,
    tonight I leave again for combat,
    Damn Mathilde, since you're here.
    My heart, keep your cool, make like you didn't know
    that Mathilde has returned.
    My heart, stop repeating that she is more beautiful than before the summer, the Mathilde who has come back....
    And you my hands, stay calm, it's a dog who returns to us from Caen city.
    Don't strike, it's not your concern...
    You my arms, don't open, don't reach out...
    Goddamn Mathilde, since you are here
    Lucky bastard is returning to hell...

    Mathilde has come to us
    Wine dealer, bring us wine
    Maid Maria, go spread out our bed with sheets,
    Friends, don't count on me any more
    Our Mathilde, since you are here, you are here!! Yeah!
  • hello all my friends
  • que pecks
  • Why getting disappointed, Samuel?
    It goes without saying that your fellow GGusers say you hello even if they don't tell it everyday.
    Just say something more. And you'll get a follow-up.
  • Hi everybody
    i'm Mehdy i'm sudent from Tln.
    i'm a futur lawyer. i love practicing business english and law english.
  • Hi, I'm Carlo from Luxembourg. I'm working in a German Company. I have to improve my English, which is not very good, because my Company merged with an Italian Company and the official Language in the new Company is English

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