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Who are you ?

Who are you ?

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  • I'm fine, and you?
  • i'm a new student, i started today.
  • From mistinguette:
    My name is mathilde I live in Caen near Paris



    Hi Mathilde,
    I'm Daniel from Mexico city. I was in Paris last year and I think it's a beautiful place to visit. I hope come back soon there. I 'd like to be in touch with you trough msn o by email. My email is and my msn is I hope have news about you soon
  • I am glad you called : je suis content que vous appeliez
    I think it would be : I am glad you call or I am glad you are calling because it is on time.
    Mr. Harold to Polly, Delavigne's assistant
  • What exactly is it you do over there? said Mr Harold to Polly( It is heavy as phrase)

    What are you doing? What exactly....: what is your title over there maybe

    Do you know another way to say it? anybody
  • I am joujou, it's my nickname. I am very glad to study English, I think that I progress quite well. Don't worry about my mistakes; I would be very glad to receive your corrections.

  • 1. joujou has been nominated and, sure thing, will win the prize of the best poster designer for brain washing adds.

    2. In my opinion several correct forms can be taken into consideration.
    a) I am glad you called. (translated into French as Je suis content que vous appeliez.)
    b) I am glad you are calling. (transl. Je suis content que vous appellez.)
    But I wonder if an infinitive form of call couldn't be used as a third possibility.

    3. What exactly is it you do over there? said Mr Harold to Polly. He wanted to know the position of Polly in the firm.
    If Harold had said "What exactly are you doing over there?", that would mean that Harold was a bit nosy and wanted to know if she was playing cards, trimming her hair, touching up her make-up or whatnot.

    If I am mistaken let someone put it right.
  • What a parrot!

    From gwendal:

  • I am David

    I am a journalism
    Hello for every body

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