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Firewire port ?

This word was in my last lesson, I asked for translation and Gymglish answered : "un port Firewire", But.... I don't ever know what that means in french !
Is it a label ? or What ? Sorry, but I'am not clever with all theses technical terms.


  • Dear Victorine.

    Now I can use my technical education as engineer - at last.

    'FireWire' is a data transfer standard for fast data transmission in the computer world, originally invented by Apple. Today, it's a competitor of the far more widespread USB (2.0) standard. In case you wonder what USB is: Your computer mouse is usually connected with you computer via USB, unless you still have an old
    mouse with the round PS/2 plug, yet more obsolete, with a serial RS-232 connector (for those who have experiences with, for example, 80286/80386 computers).

    Some years ago, 'Firewire' was a trademark for high-end computer periphery, especially in the realm of multimedia equipment. Also it was the successor of the SCSI standard for fast harddisks connections. Hence, there was a short period, where state-of-the-art harddisk were connected via 'FireWire'.

    But nowadays, given the widespread and even faster USB standard, 'FireWire' doesn't loom large anymore. It's nothing special anymore and not as ubiquitous as USB (=Universal Serial Bus).

    By the way - what I said is no April Fool. I was reminded today that it is the 1st of April, by GymGlish. They fooled me with that comic strip. Don't want to be a spoilsport anyway.

  • the problem is that Gymglish lessons seems to be old stuff, not up-dated and not even achieved. But that was good stuff just like Apple production (I would not say so about Microsoft...)
  • Whacky Dear, if i understand what you wrote, FireWire is a kind of "clef USB", and that thing, i know what it is and how to use it.
    By the way, last wednesday night i saw, at last " The big Lebowsski"... whouahhh, no word to describe how i enjoyed it, but :
    a silly question about the film, perhaps you know ?
    what kind of box they bought for the ashes ? cigar box, coffe box ? or what? i could nor read the label! just kidding.
    Life is springful these days.


  • Hey Victorine, nice to hear that.

    Great, I love that scene when the fat guy Walter (the Vietnam veteran) scatters the ashes of his friends into the wind of the ocean - an the ashes blows into the face of the 'Dude'. Hilarious.

    On don't know either what kind of product the box is for, but they bought it as a receptacle at the next supermarket (maybe cookies or popcarn or something) in the vicinity of the mortuary. Yet the cheapest urn is too expensive for them - the urn for their BEST friend! That should shed some light on these characters. In the end, they can't even manage to scatter the ashes of their late onto the ocean decently. Everything they touch turns into 'shit'.

    I don't want to interred by those guys. I would rather leave my dead body to science. At least, that would be usseful ;-)

    And, Victorine, I thought that you know what USB is and how to hanhdle it. Ssometimes, it get carried way by my schoolmarnish manner of an engineer.
  • You raised my interest. I inserted 'The Big Lebowski'-DVD into my player today morning and jumped to scene in question and - heureka - I figured out what that box is: It is 'XXXXX's', a coffee label in the U.S., presumably instant coffee in this case. 'XXXX's' offers an assortment of coffee products: Instant coffee, whole coffee beans, ground coffee etc.

    Thanks God . they didn't put the ashes of their buddy into the coffee machine.

    I don't think I have the official permission to make surreptitious advertisement here. That's why I replaced the real trademark by X's.

    I know you were just kidding. But it was interesting anyway.
  • Whouahhh, I just love coffee, true !

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