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I lie down on the floor

dans ma leçon quotidienne, j'ai reçu en exemple pour le verbe to lie : I lie down on the floor. Je suis étonnée que cette phrase ne soit pas mise au présent progressif. Ou on devrait y ajouter un "every day" par exemple. Ai je raison ? ou n'ai je toujours rien compris au présent progressif ?


  • "So he is blessed to have a Sophie as colleague and Sophie is blessed to have a Ugold as a colleague." Yes Joe, and keep it secret, the link is even more merging than what you suggest :|
  • Gwen means 'white' in the breton language (mostly spoken west of a line Saint-Brieuc - Vannes in Brittany. That's perhaps the reason why....;)
  • No Joe, Ugoid lives in Nantes on the Loire river , not am Mein oder Donau.
  • welcome back on the forum, Joe, I've heard of you by my colleague who signed his posts Ugoid at a time. I must say I thought you were acting through Alumnus Alumni, but you are not an alumnus yet, and not a spook...of course ;)
  • no controversial claim ;) I just wondered what a spook is; it comes spy ? doesn't it ?
  • What a goof! I mistook Ugold for a Gwendo.
    Now that you correct me, I'd say that I remember talking with Ugold. He seemed to leave the forum unwillingly.
    So he is blessed to have a Sophie as colleague and Sophie is blessed to have a Ugold as a colleague. Both are blessed to live or work in Nantes. The Loire atlantique is a very nice area. I like so much the low Loire from Rouen to St-Nazaire.
  • How kind you're, Soph.
    I keep a so warm memory of your colleague Ugold. If I am not mistaken she was a citizen of Freiburg. Are you too?
    About being taken for an alumnus, that makes me proud the most as I never graduated as anything.
    About the prominent Alumnus among so many Alumni here around, he must be cross for having been mistaken with a screwball.
    Thank you for giving me a so charming wink.
    Friendly yours,
  • Hello, You Sophie!

    Some centuries ago a spook - or a ghost as you prefer - appeared to Hamlet. It was the face and soul of his father. That spook didn't work as a spy but rather as an enlightener.
    In the same way, let's suppose a female GGuser is wondering why her marks keep for a long time at a steady rating even though she is a prominent student and very talkative on the forum. A spook is likely to appear at any time now to reveal to her that she hasn't to worry: Everyone on the forum is mad about her.

    Sandy's character lies down on the floor to hide from a showing spook. That spook must be like Shakespeare's, I mean a feature born inside the character's mind, a vision in her inside. The one who can see a spook appearing has distinctive psychological feature that brings them to seeing a spook. That spook might be a spy. Of course someone who is happy-go-lucky won't ever see a spook.

    Now, as English language is prompted to go bust, a ghost or a spook may be the name given to spies in the common language.

    Warning! This note has been written by a GGuser whose marks are likely to be lagging behind Sophie's.
  • Don't forget, Myriam, that the verb LIE as referring to an horizontal position has a double meaning.
    First one: to STAY in a horizontal position.
    Second one: to ASSUME a horizontal position, in which meaning it most often goes with DOWN.

    As soon as I feel tired, I lie down on the floor. (2)
    What are you doing at noon? I lie on the floor. (1)
    Were you lying on the floor while posting your note, Myriam? (1)
    How do you manage to hide from the spook? I lie down on the floor behind my desk. (2)

    Now, let's wait and see for controversial claims!

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