The Delavigne Corporation

Alarming miserable states at D.C.

Do you, the authors of our daily lessons, really need to transform the corporation into a doown-and-out firm or do you sacrifice the good reputation of D.C. because "the end justifies the means"?
But do we rally need such vocabulary?
Wads of chewing gum wedged under the tray, footprints on the photocopier which were installed near the broom closet?
Grandpa Delavigne would turn in his grave if he knew.


  • These authors are in a scatological state of mind, but as they never read the forum, they will never know they are and they will never reach a new step.
  • Are they all friends or fans of Gilles de la Tourette? Or why arfe they like this?
  • I don't know why they are like this, but I think they don't go to the forum because it is considered as work. I have been said that a few years ago they would have read the topics and corrected our english. But perhaps because of the 35 hours (one does not work more than that a week in France) they have no time left to read what we write. It is not fair :(
  • Mr Authors, please, create smileys with a Tourette's syndrom, it'd be fun ;)
  • Yeah!
  • I see this whole thing calmly and serenely:

    Footprints on the Xerox machine are not yet THAT sordid and down-and-out. When people in the office really have a blast at a Christmas party, they put completely other (more private) body parts on the photocopier - when liquor is involved, EVERYTHING is possible.

    So - don't be too concerned. Things haven't become that bad yet.
  • Spengler was right with his title: The Decline of the West.
    It's enough to make you weep!
  • From piggle:
    Spengler was right with his title: The Decline of the West.
    It's enough to make you weep!

    Exactly. The decline of moral fortitude and seriousness was one the factors which contributed to the nemesis of the Roman Empire. When wealth and prosperity (and connected with it a convenient, easy life) are taken for granted, a kind of laisser-faire breaks ground. So far for that theory and conjecture.

    But, Spengler is considered as a trailblazer for Nationalsocialism by some...
  • If you hit us round the head with the reproach of nationalsocialism you silence us.

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