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Who likes the art???

Like you the art and what kind of art? Old masterpiece, renaissance's work of art or very actually artist?
Which are your tastes

I would like one or more opinion about world of art, what's the art for your mind, what it bring in our society? ...



  • I like art, classical, modern and contemporary arts. I go in museums and galleries everytime I can. I like Kandisky, Miro and other painters, I also like photography and artist like Larry Clarke or Joel Peter Witkins.

  • I like it too, but without knowing the names of the painters or the style of the pictures. I've got pictures painted by friends, when they visited our region, landscapes in watercolours or still life.
    Surely, I often go to the museum, every time when I am in a city with a new exhibition e.g. Stuttgart at the moment with its homage to Rudolf Steiner or Emden the art gallery (Kunsthalle) with the works of Franz Radziwill...
    I let me get inspired by all artists and styles without any preference.
  • I don't know these artists. What kind of work are they doing? The name of Rudolph Steiner sounds familiar.
    In Marseille, the city I live, there will have in may a great exhibition about the ocidental painters of Orient. And there were a very atttractive exhibition about cubism.
    Last sunday, I met a woman who go to Istanbul with a friend for one week to paint parts of the city and her impressions of it, of the people. She did that in Morocco last year. It's an interresting way of travelling.
  • I'm a painter and I love the theme "art", "Visual Arts". I paint and I teach creativity. I live in Costa Rica, where the art market is small, so we need to diversify the work and always enjoy it!

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