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Hi GYMGLISH! I was supposed to start my free lesson yesterday, but I will not:

How do you want to teach a language to foreigners if you are not able to speak to them ?
here is a copy of your page "OFFRES PROMOTIONELLES ET NEWSLETTERS...":

"-Je souhaite de recevoir des offres privilégiées et personnalisées...etc." ("de recevoir" is very bad french...).N.B. please note that "de recevoir" is not correct; pas du tout!
.and I will add that your "promotionelles" will only work with two "N". (promotionnelles).

Good luck and, take care!


  • "Errare humanum est" ( it's human to make mistakes)
    BUT...."Perseverare diabolicum"( don't repeat mistakes), it's a basic principle for all learners like me and others....
  • hi Sylval,

    for me, "to look forward" is formal and to "to wait" is unformal.
  • Hello Theo Gelle, try these free lessons just to see what the characters are like : its really funny and very often so close to reality we meet in business life.
  • I want to know the difference between "to look forward" and "to wait". Thank you very much. Sylval
  • Hello Teo Gele,

    Goodness me, what awful French! We're not quite sure what happened here, but it looks like someone forgot to drink their morning coffee before writing this content. I'm really sorry that it made it onto our website. We've now fixed these mistakes (although it may take a day or two before the changes become visible).

    Rest assured that GymGlish's English lessons are written by a team of native English speakers from Britain and America. Our English is much better than our French!

    In any case, thanks for pointing this out.

    Have a nice weekend,

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