The Delavigne Corporation

Why that policy of information control and closure?

Instead of all that silly scenes about sexual harassement between Susie and Philipp I'd prefer to learn more about your Japanese and Chinese branches. How do they handle the very difficult situation after the treefold misfortune 6 weeks ago.
Are the plants in the gardens near Fukushima from which you produce your exquisit Japanese scents like Zeno already contaminatet? And did their monkeys eat it, because nobody was given fair warning at time? What about the buldings? Are they destroyed by the earth-quake or the flood disaster? And how the Chinese colleagues did support their Japanese friends?


  • Dear Sunny19,

    On that (partly) sunny day, I'm nevertheless delighted to take the effort to think about what you stated here.

    Succinctly, you won't get what you wish for from GymGlish. And -allow me to say it straightforward- you can't expect it from GymGlish. Instead, if you want to learn something about current affairs around the wold (which is really laudable), goto to or (or to a score of other websites). There, you can kill two birds with one stone: Hone your English AND be kept posted and profoundly informed about current topics and goings-on around the world.

    Please excuse me for stating it quite clear: GymGlish can't serve as 'newsreel', covering current political, environmental, scientific, economical -or whatever- topics. GymGlish is mainly about usual, mundane and, in particular, timeless topics. The time when a user receives a specific lesson is dependent on his individual learning progress and on his personal sphere of interest. Hence, different learners get the same lesson at different times. That can vary even in terms of many months. On that note, the topics the lessons deal with should be timeless and can't be based on current events.

    I don't expect GymGlish to deliver me with news and background coverage – or even with stories connected to current goings-on. I would be wonderful, but too wonderful to be true and expectable.

    And, besides, sometimes we are glad to be spared the often terrible news - and in a daily English learning lesson we are more motivated in the long run when we deal with 'funny', light topics, which doesn't remind us of the 'cruel world'. That's my conjecture and my conclusion after more than two years with Gymglish. That is not to say I don't use real English coverage media. I just think a regular English course should constitute something like a 'comfort zone', in order to keep up the spirit over a long period.

    That's my deliberations - and I'm relatively sure that the inventors of GymGlish know quite well what they do. And last but not least: Some topics would simply overstrain some kind of participants or would at least not pique their interest. Hence, mundane human interactions on a simple level ensures the interest from the majority of learners.

    Nevertheless -and mind you- when it comes to some topics which can be considered 'silly' or 'immature' by some individual, you have my approval. Not every topics gains my full excitement. I'm not fond of every scene and every dialogue. But that's normal with every medium.

  • Three cheers for Whacky and his great speech for the defend of the GG inventors, the "comfort zone" and the funny light matters (For me matters like dirty toilets and sexual harassement which become more frequent, are not at all a comfort zone or funy and light). Nonetheless. Thank you! I like my daily lessons too, by and large.
    And you the Whacky convinced me by your manner of representation, throwing light on many sides.

    But I woudn't be informed on current topics, which I can -as you say - get more detailed by the daily national newspapers and the special features on the radio or TV.
    What I intended to do but did't made it clear enough, was to remind that Delavigne Corporation is a big firm with a perfume manufacture and certainly interesting branches all over the world, specially in China and Japan. We never read about successes and difficulties of these branches (the flood disaster just as an example), the manufacture, the different departments concerning the products, the labelling and the packaging (in the beginning GG sent a lesson about it), the external and internal quality control, health regulation, about nice people who e.g. are wrapping the gift packs, just something about the daily work in a real perfume firm.
    Where is the doorman, the parking lot, the canteen, the daily new scent in the floors, the postal and parcel delivery, the outgoing goods...just to mention a few things.
    I can't get a clear picture of these firm after a very convincing beginning with the history of its origins.
    A bold presumptuos desire to get more information?
  • I'm afraid I wasn't very convincing - quite the opposite- equivocal.

    If I considered and denoted topics 'sexual harassement' as 'comfort zone', I would be very suprised (even appalled) by myself and would have discovered a side in me which I haven't known yet. I'm relieved that I don't.
  • I have had a look at this topic backwards and, sure, Philip Cheeter' character has his pros and cons. Sexual harassment is just a part of his temper ; the real problem is that he allways cheats with all items : sex, alcohol, gambling, other people. I believe Bruno and DC are no exceptions, he cheats with them too and I hope he'll soon be caught and fired. Anyway Sales Manager at DC should be a woman's job...
  • Does there exist a requirement for a sufficient number of female appointees at D.C. ? A quota regime or regulation like in the suiss government?
  • Excuse me: Suiss.
    Or was it the Swedish, German or Norwegian government?
  • It doesn't matter, Piggle. Is a piggle a little pig? In my mother's tongue they say : "in each man there is a pig sleeping". What do they mean ? Is a pig sleeping in Philip Cheeter ?
  • From Sophie Moa:
    In my mother's tongue they say : "in each man there is a pig sleeping". What do they mean ? Is a pig sleeping in Philip Cheeter ?


    ...and in some men, it's the other way around: the pig is prevalent and man is sleeping inside.
  • Sure, in Philip Cheeter and Tarzan, the pig is prevalent ;)

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