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Why that policy of information control and closure?

Instead of all that silly scenes about sexual harassement between Susie and Philipp I'd prefer to learn more about your Japanese and Chinese branches. How do they handle the very difficult situation after the treefold misfortune 6 weeks ago.
Are the plants in the gardens near Fukushima from which you produce your exquisit Japanese scents like Zeno already contaminatet? And did their monkeys eat it, because nobody was given fair warning at time? What about the buldings? Are they destroyed by the earth-quake or the flood disaster? And how the Chinese colleagues did support their Japanese friends?

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  • Oh, let's stop insulting pigs and Tarzan. Pigs are socially sophisticated and tidy creatures, and Tarzan is a real man- responsible, honest, chivalric and courageous - and emotional to boot.

    Let's say the other way around: In every pig or Tarzan, there is a Philip Cheater sleeping inside. ;)
  • By the way, both Horatio Ollere and Tarzan come from the jungle, the same jungle ? And what if Tarkan was Horatio's father ?
  • That's hardly feasible. Then Jane must have been Horatio's mother (unless Tarzan mated with a female ape, but that I would give not even Tarzan credit for).

    And, furthermore, what is more important: Tarzan grew up in the the African jungle (but was in fact born as an English Earl) and Horatio is an aborigine (=original inhabitant) from South America, from the Amazon (not the Online book seller) to be precise. The chances that Tarzan and Horatio are next of kin are therefore extremely low.
  • You seem to know well Tarzan's story, Cadet Young, I'm not a specialist, but I'd agree mainly ; there is just one thing : why would Tarzan have had only one single human wife ? Is it said in the story ? Did he swear fidelity to Jane ?
  • From Sophie Moa:
    Why would Tarzan have had only one single human wife ?


    Because I would be very dissapointed of him if it would be otherwise. That's why ;-)

    And because that was the proviso of my argument ;-)

    Let's think further: Tarzan is a contrived figure, and his existence and actions ends when the story ends. Due the story, Tarzan never had a romantic and sexual relationship to another human female. And the fact that Tarzan grew up in the jungle, the assumption that he hadn't had sexual relationsships to woman before meeting Jane is quite high. Furtermore, the story ends with Jane as his female compagnion. Hence, one can safe in assuming that his sexual partners were confined to that one invididual.

    Of course, you could step in the footprints of the author, and continue the story of Tarzan, for example: A midlife crisis urged to him to go on vacation to the South American jungle, he got stuck there and eventually become Horatio's father. Then of course, you would have to change the time frame. But in phantasy, everything is conceivable...
  • ..and to rectify things: I am not an expert concering Tarzan. In my childhood, I was just a boy who loved watching the Tarzan movies (mostly with Lex Barker and Jonny Weismüller). Most boys love adventure stories with a male model, struggling with nature (that's a reason why the stories of Jack London caught on very well with boys) - and I was one of those boys who loved Tarzan stories. Only later I heard and read something more about the Tarzan legend.

    I know- I may raise objections and demurs from many women (I don't think most women are very fond of Tarzan). But in my childhood days, it was usual for boys watching and reading Tarzan stories. Maybe 'primitive' and 'attavistic' as some women might see it - but a fact.

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