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Easter at Delavigne Corporation

Some information please about how you are celebrating Easter to widen our restricted limited vocabulary!


  • I cannot predict what is going to happen at Delavigne's. I have no influence on it - I will have me let suprised.

    As for myself, I've placed an order with the Easter Bunny to bring me eggs, inscribed with vocabulary
    I don't know yet. Inside, imprinted on the yolk, is the translation. There is nothing else for me but to hope the Easter Bunny has some clairvoyant abilities to foresee which vocabulary is actually new for me.

    Anyway, the more vocabulary I don't know, the more eggs I have to crack open (and to eat).
  • Enjoy your Easter-meal!
  • What's your treat for Easter?
    Would you be a child, it'd be picking Easter eggs in the meadow at dawn on Easter.
    As for me, I order lamb for Easter, knowing that with the leftovers I can make a curry. But I am used to seeing my roast lamb tasting so good that there isn't ever any left.
    After lunch what are we to do? getting out biking? or lazing around in the garden? It depends on how many bottles of wine we'll have downed.
  • From piggle:
    Enjoy your Easter-meal!


    I will. I guess that's why they say 'to imbibe
    vocabulary ;-)

    But enough of this stupid banter. Eastern is a joyous, yet serious event. We don't commemorate eggs and bunnies, we celebrate the paragon of human hope: Resurrection and enternal life. The defeat of death
    in shape of Jesus Christ.

    Mind you - to forestall misunderstandings: I don't make a personal stating here, I merely say what Eastern is about according to the Christian persuasion, without revealing whether I share this view or not.

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