English Vocabulary

The man at the end

How do you translate "man" in the following sentence:

J.H. observes: The government has become blatantly anti-union, man.?


  • your question is what some people call double bind:
    - if I answer to you and translate it I will use french or german, or italian..., and here we must use only english...it's a fault.
    - and if I don't answer, I'll feel guilty for giving no answer to a friendly question.

    I think that is the reason why nobody answered.
    But I must say I am very pleased to find your question because I am fed up with this May Day on top of the topics.

    Thank you for your bright question, Sunny19
  • I think it's the same question that in the vocabulary par.
    why "man " at the nd of an expression.
  • hello!
  • Hello, Trannhnkiet91, can you explain your nickname to us. Perhaps are you living in the French D├ępartement of Essonne ?
  • hello

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