English Grammar

I need someone to practise English everyday

hello there, I just need someone to speak English with me. I think it's the best way to improve my English.
If you are concerned, you can contact me by adding my nick yahoo: corn_dung_gv.
Thank u!


  • Available for u. It will be a pleasure for me even though I'm a beginner.
  • Happy me too to discuss a bout english practise. it nice
  • I think as you. the best way is to speak english everyday. I have the big difficulties to speak english and I prefer to write than to speak it. But I agreed to speak with you if you want. How do we do ?
  • it will be big pleasure for me because i am really a biginer.
  • sorry i am wrong i meant that i am a beginner.
  • nice to meet everyone :)... i hope you guys won't mind about my poor english skills... i also hope to improve them but as you know every languages need the environment to practice... but i really don't have time to go out or take part in any club... So i really hope to have your kindly help to be good at english :). thk u in advance for your help :)
  • hi everybody,I'm so sad,I really want to improve my English,althought I try but my E is still poor...So I need some advice,Can you help me? :((
  • Ok, then add a response to existing topics. Some one will answer to you. He will use words and sentences you don't know yet and you will have to find new words by yourself to make à new response. Do you know Tarzan ? Cadet Young writes interesting messages about him and Jane. Read them, you won't be sad any more :)
  • Is it so ridicolous and ludricrous what I wrote about Tarzan? Well, at least it serves an aim: Entertaining people and help them practise their English (by confronting them with new words).

    Tarzan would never guessed the story of this life would have that purpose on of these days. So - it was not in vain that Jane came across him.

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