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A man at the end (bis)

The man at the end
How do you translate "man" in the following sentence:
J.H. observes: The government has become blatantly anti-union, man.?
Added: 04/18/2011 - 09:23 AM By Sunny19 Reply w/Quote

your question is what some people call double bind:
- if I answer to you and translate it I will use french or german, or italian..., and here we must use only english...it's a fault.
- and if I don't answer, I'll feel guilty for giving no answer to a friendly question.

I think that is the reason why nobody answered.
But I must say I am very pleased to find your question because I am fed up with this May Day on top of the topics.

Thank you for your bright question, Sunny19

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  • Hey man,
    Wacky dismissed,
    yeah he dismissed man,
    Oh Lord, Sophie is no more here,
    Oh Lord, Lord, Lord, Sophie is no more here
    Hey man, Alumnus is still
    still and quiet,
    Hey man, h's quiet and silent, what happened man ?
    Lord, oh Lord, tell me why,
    yeah, tell me why...silent is overwhelmming
    Hey man, don't you know ?
  • to... to play with you, my english is not good enough to.... just to bad.... for me.
  • From Sophie Moa:
    ...the proof of a venomus snake who tries to bite the hand who saved him once.


    Yes, thanks, Sophie. That's exactly what I think. I should take my support for Alumnus back, regarding what he is proving here. Someone, who has obviously not yet the maturity to treat his fellow learners respectfully, should not be granted prolonged access to this forum. That might be harsh words, but I think they are appropriate.
  • One may call Homer Simpson a 'simpleton' and you won't insult anybody because Homer (the Simpson's father, not the greek historic poet and creator of the 'Iliad') is only a fictional character.

    You know what a simpleton is? It's a pejorative, condescending term for a person with a simple mind (but not dumb), who has a quite simple view on the world and the things in it, a person with not much intelligence (without being really stupid) and mostly without any higher education.

    The Catholic church has always liked simpletons, because they can fob their dogmas and creeds off on them and exert power over people. At least in medieval ages, the church' power was based on keeping their sheeps 'simpletons', because people with a simple mind are easier to intimidate and to control by fear of eternal damnation in hell. But also non-simpleton can be threatened when they
    believe in hell.

    Blessed are the atheists.
  • You are on the brink of being insulting, Alumnus!
    Don't confuse self-irony of other people with
    a permission to be rude and insulting to them!
    You are about to cross boundaries line of decency and respectful behaviour!! Think about that.
  • Too bad...Gwendy, Whacky has given up since long now, Sophie is said to have died and Alumnus doesn't write any more...So long
  • Hi,
    If necessary, here is a proof :
    'Of course, everybody who contributes to this forum in any pleasant way should be welcome, perhaps even former GG users...Of course, it would be detrimental to make this forum available to anybody in the world wide web, that is for non-GG-particpants, because that would most probably wind up in what most internet forums suffers from: Too much bilge and low-brow bawling. But to ex-GG-users, the forum might be still open for a certain amount of time. The discussion has anyway diluted and it would be highly appreciated if the turnout would be cranked up again ('keep the ball rolling')
    You have my vote.'
    ...the proof of a venomus snake who tries to bite the hand who saved him once.
  • Sweet a lament, innit?
    B flat minor, is it?
    Release the score, Gwendy.
    We'll sing along, happy.

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