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A Play


What do you think about a play with different characters who make a round-the-world trip? Participate if you want to!

My character:
- I'm a woman
- blue eyes and blond hairs
- tall: 1.60 meter
- I don't know my family because I grow up at an orphanage in Germany Berlin
- the last years I have worked and saved lots of money for my trip
- I'm twenty-five years old

The play begins know!

It is in the morning..and I know: today I will start my life-dream: a round-world trip! I take my packed bag and go to a train station in Berlin. Where do I want to go first? North, south, west or east? I don't know... So I decide to get on the next train which departs...


  • Hi Kathi, that's a good idea, indeed, which can help us improve our english. I am 35, french, working in statistics, and trying to transform a house I have inherited from my father on the sea-side. I know Germany but I have never been to Berlin which is said to be a very nice City. Just a hint : I can disappear from the forum at any moment with no way of getting connected again...So long ! Sophie
  • @Sophie
    I think the character up, I'm not a orphelin in the real world. If you want, you can still participate, create your own imagination character. You can participate also only for a short time, perhaps your character talk for a few minutes with my character and disappear again...or anything like that....

    Before I continue I want edit to my character's name is Kathi like my Nickname in this forum.

    The play continues:

    The next train I see departs in five minutes to Paris. Ok then I go to Paris :-)
    Oooh only five minutes to buy a ticket! Where is the next ticketbox?
  • Hi Kathi, Sophie is my nickname. I am not Sophie at all in the real world and MOA stands for "Maître d'Ouvrage", it means I am the owner and that I'll pay for the work on my house. I am not 35 at all. Perhaps our routes will cross; I often go to Paris for my job and when I have time I take bus 95. CU
  • @Sophie
    Ah ok, then welcome in the play! :-)


    I find the ticket box and run to it. After buying the ticket I sprint to the train but the doors are closing! I jump and juhuu!! I recieved it in the last second I have got the gap. :-)
    Now the train begins to move and I find a seat. Now I go to Paris! Tomorrow I will be there...
  • Well, have a nice journey to Paris Kathi. I hope you've got your smartphone. Tell us the main cities where the train stops so can we see on the googlemap. Sometimes when in the TGV, I can discover where I am this way (because it goes to fast to see the frames). I hope the windows in the train will be clean so that you can see the landscape. That is what I like in train : rest, read, watch the scenery and the other passengers and of course get connected to the GG Forum.
  • During the drive I look out the window and watch the's so beautiful..I lost my thoughts and fall asleep.
    I wake up because of a loud voice in my ears. I open my eyes and I see a became blurred figure in front of me who said something I don't understand...after a few seconds I recognize the uniform of the person and I understand that this can only be the ticket inspector. 'Ah hello, you want to see my ticket?'I say and show him my ticket...
  • How long have you been sleeping? It is funny this man does not speak german.
  • (a fat controller with a moustache, smelling of red wine).
    Euh, you don't speak French and I don't speak German, let us try some english. A good occasion for a little practice as at SNCF, they want us to improve our english to be able to speak to tourists. Where did you buy your ticket, young lady ?
  • That's good, I must practice my English too. I bought my ticket in Berlin. I lived there. Now I make a round-world-trip. And you? Live you in Paris?

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