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A Play


What do you think about a play with different characters who make a round-the-world trip? Participate if you want to!

My character:
- I'm a woman
- blue eyes and blond hairs
- tall: 1.60 meter
- I don't know my family because I grow up at an orphanage in Germany Berlin
- the last years I have worked and saved lots of money for my trip
- I'm twenty-five years old

The play begins know!

It is in the morning..and I know: today I will start my life-dream: a round-world trip! I take my packed bag and go to a train station in Berlin. Where do I want to go first? North, south, west or east? I don't know... So I decide to get on the next train which departs...

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  • No, I live in Dijon Bourgogne where we make Burgundy wine. I travel a lot on trains and taste wines everywhere I can find some. Which way are going to travel around the world : eastwards or westwards ?
  • At the moment westwards but I decide where I go spontaneaous.
    Wine is good I love wine! How long do you have to work today? After work we can taste wine together if you want.
    Because I trip around the world to get to know the culture in other countries and wine is typically for France, isn't it?
    What do you think?
  • a famous french poet wrote something like : "Never mind the bottle, let's just drink it!". But I'm on duty controlling tickets for the French Railways and if I drink during the working hours, I could just be fired from SNCF. In Italy, Spain, potugal, Greece too they have very good wines. OK, I'll come back soon after work with my bottle, but first you have to show me your ticket.
  • "Oh yes you're right the ticket, sorry." I take the ticket out of my bag and show the ticket.
    "When will the train arrive at Paris?"
  • Sorry, but we never know when we arrive because trains in France are always late on their schedule. It should have arrived at 19:35 local time, but we are already late. Oh God, I must warn all passengers on the microphone. OK, then, CU later with my friend (I mean the bottle ;) )...
    "allo, allo, Ladies and Gentlemen, French Railways are very sorry to announce that because of wild boars on the line we'll arrive in Paris with an unpredictable delay"
  • Alas, the ticket Controller is now completely drunk. Coming back to Kathi's place with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses, he doesn't see the door is wide open, falls and breaks his neck on the ballast. But perhaps he is not dead ?....
  • Oh my god! I run to him and feel his pulse...Puuh he is alive :-) I take my mobile phone and call the ambulance. Then I see the wine bottle next to him which isn't broken...and to calm my nerves I take the bottle and take a fig gulp. Hmmm...the wine ist very good...
  • ^^!Do you know Vietnam? Have you travel in Vietnam?...One try...So funny...and there are many beautiful place to visit...It is my country....It will make you have an interesting trip...^^....keep in touch..!!
  • I hear a voice who speak about Vietnam...Vietnam yes to Vietnam I also want to go in my world trip...stop! Where I am? What has happened?
    I open my eyes, after a few second I begin to see a white ceiling, I look around and see that I'm lying in a bed and next to me in another bed lies the ticket controller...
  • The Ticket Controller is in a coma due to alcohol. He cannot speak. He doesn't see there are beds around him, he doesn't hear any foreign language like vietnamese or german or even french. The docs and nurses wonder what could bring him back to life :(

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