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A Play


What do you think about a play with different characters who make a round-the-world trip? Participate if you want to!

My character:
- I'm a woman
- blue eyes and blond hairs
- tall: 1.60 meter
- I don't know my family because I grow up at an orphanage in Germany Berlin
- the last years I have worked and saved lots of money for my trip
- I'm twenty-five years old

The play begins know!

It is in the morning..and I know: today I will start my life-dream: a round-world trip! I take my packed bag and go to a train station in Berlin. Where do I want to go first? North, south, west or east? I don't know... So I decide to get on the next train which departs...

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  • The ticket controller is now delirious : the German Girl and the Vietnamese Tourist are on beds each side of him, but he doesn't see them. The Ticket Controller speaks in French, (of course ;) ), but his soliloquy has been kindly translated into English by the GGFTC to remain in full respect with the rule.
  • Poor guy I am ! They tell us to say anything when trains are late which happens every time : if we say it's the company's fault, passengers will claim for money back, if we say there are cows or horses they'll want to pursue the peasants, if we say there is smoke, we have to make them see it; wild boars, it will bother nobody because they are by their own without any master. But we can say this only once upon times and I cannot stand lying :( that is just why I drink too much : it makes me forget all. Just suppose this poor girl from Berlin I've had to control, if she arrives too late in Gare de l'Est, what will she do : go and sleep under a bridge with tramps ? :(
  • "Don't worry everything ist ok", I say to the ticket controller. "We're in a hospital and next to me is standing a Vitnamese, she has saved us after I had also drunk too much alcool. In a few days I thing you will be all right again and then we can catch up tasting wine."
  • Where am I, where am I? Who are you ? Oh, I remember you were in the train, what is your name? I feel so thirsty, Where is my bottle? I hear voices I don't understand, my poor head... Please Nurse, please, my head ache...
  • Hey, Ticket controler, i am also living in Dijon, and that's the truth. How can you manage to drive in Dijon these days ?
  • Hey, Ticket controler, i am also living in Dijon, and that's the truth. How can you manage to drive in Dijon these days ?
  • (The ticket controller's condition is getting better though still delirious. The names of each patient is written on the bed : Kathi, Keira and Felix. Felix’s duty phone beeps…).
    ( :( to himself)
    Another message from my boss ? they don’t consider that I am no more able to control the train, once again they want me to find out a new lie to tell to passengers the train is late.
    ( :( sitting on his bed, to Kathi and Keira)
    No, no, it’s an invitation from… let me see,…Vic , Dijon… Ah, Ah, I’m feeling much better. She says we could meet in Dijon, good idea …we’ll drink “un p’tit kir”…Are you coming Kathi and Keira ?…I’ll organize the trip...and not by train...
  • This is a very good idea! :-) Let's go...but first you must be healthy. What did the doctor say? When you are healthy again?
  • Yes it's me the former Ticket Controller.
    Doc said : " is time you quit"
    "quit what, I said : lies, SNCF or the bottle"
    Doc said : "quit what is bad for you"
    "all is bad for me", I said, "but it keeps me secure"
    "OK, then" Doc said, "your liver won't work anymore soon and you'll die".
    So I decided to quit and told it to my bosses on their bloody (smart?)phone. In my mind it is done : I quit.

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