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Free access to alumni ?

I am a GG Alumnus : I have recieved lessons for 15 months, but my company (who is a main client for GG) does not want to pay any more for me, just because there are others waiting to improve their english.
I am still connected to the forum because I have sone of my last GG Corrections, but once the link will have been changed, I won't be able to reconnect by legal means (and I am not Philip Cheeter ;) ).
As for months I have been a nice contributor to the forum through dozen of different nicknames, I suggest I could be awarded with free admissions to the forum.
You are welcome, Andrew, just see what you can do to keep the ball rolling.


  • Hi Alumni,

    Of course, everybody who contributes to this forum in any pleasant way should be welcome, perhaps even former GG users, maybe for another year after their subscription has expired. I would advocate this. I would be game.

    Of course, it would be detrimental to make this forum available to anybody in the world wide web, that is for non-GG-particpants, because that would most probably wind up in what most internet forums suffers from: Too much bilge and low-brow bawling. But to ex-GG-users, the forum might be still open for a certain amount of time. The discussion has anyway diluted and it would be highly appreciated if the turnout would be cranked up again ('keep the ball rolling')

    You have my vote.
  • Thank you for your support, Whacky, I'm grateful and I am sure it will help... :)

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