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I'm Kov from Abidjan.A New student on gymglish site.

I've big problem when hearing spoken english. I can't match what's heard with the pronouced word. Especially when it is spoken quickly.

Who can help me?


  • Hello Kov, this is the main problem for all of us because it is not our mother tongue. I am afraid GG courses help just a little (radio rhubarb does, for instance). There are some posibilities with american, english, australian, indian... films with subtitles in english and other main languages. Perhaps you could organise meetings with english speaking people in your country...
  • Hi Kov,

    I know how you feel, I had the difficulties some time ago (and I still have up to a certain extent, I'm still not perfect in listening to native speakers). But I have made palpable progress over the time.

    In my opinion and experience, there is no silver bullet for it and no panacea. And no quick way either. Try to watch every movie in English, whenever possible, especially movies you're really interested in. With English subtitles, not with subtitles in your mother tongue. Note down unknown vocabulary and type it in to a memorizing software (SuperMemo98 for example, it's gratuitous and very effective). Use English whenever possible, write your own texts (forums comments, imaginary letters, soliloquies) in English. Listen to English podcasts and radio broadcast. The Internet offers a vast supply and assortment of possibilities.

    And, what's most important: Stay patient. Patience is very important, because the progress is slow, but steady. Don't rush in and expect a quick leap. When you stay patient and persevere, sooner or later you will notice how easy a time you have to understand even indistinctly or fast speaking natives speakers.

    There is no quick way, But you will make it.

  • Pontificating Whacky ? why not? you're so serious and so sweet altogether.
    Alice Cooper... reminds you somethig ?

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