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Hi ! all of you ! I'm Jeanne, ( not of Arc )and when I hear voices them come fro

1/I use Skype and I would like to converse (although rather bad in grammar) with 1 or several subscribers. I lived in Paris most of the time some weeks in a hamlet in the mountain in the Alps in Isère, I am 56 years old, I like people of any origins and religions and I am interested and curious, I like laughing,literatures and eclectique musics, I like nature, animals, photo, I have an old dog who obliges me has to make only short movements.(3 hours ou five max by train.It's the last member of my I give courses of French, the awakening in the bedtime to 1 Erasmus Italian philosophy with whom I live. (She is satisfied and we have fun well( Kind cool boot-camp/ grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation!!!) I like the absurd things, the humor under height of forms (of the stupid to the cynic. tendency vegetarian and I try for the fifteenth time to stop smoking. I don't go to the cinema because it is expensive for me but I watch movies (excellent of various authors from various countries- serious or absurd and also horror movies...Much less horrible than the "realité" of the wars and the disasters in any kinds.

2/( I'am anable to get an answer from Gymglish : Can anybody answer my question? Is it possible to choose to receive only 3 or 4 lessons a week for 1 month? ( or 2)
I'm an old beginner.I have to leave for water cure. It influences it the number of lessons included in the subscription or it lengthens(stretches out) it?
I love them too much and I don't want to waste one ( or more )
sorry to be so ?? stupid. may be my old brain....
have a nice day, week end, &beautiful free life !
3/ even you don't want to converse, even you cannot answer, you can send me funny stories.


  • Sorry to be rude Porquero, what are you looking for ?
  • Hi, this is Tarzan the Untamed,
    I suggest you be named Jana, it looks more english, Jana of the Jungle. Jana hears voices too and she screams.

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