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Hi there !

I just wanted to ask if there is a ling between the Delavigne stories and Doctor Who : The psychologist is called Doctor Donna, which is the name of a character in the serie, and Bruno is travelling through time and space, like the Doctor in the funky fridays sessions. Random or reference from fans?

Have a great week-end everyone !


  • I know who is Doctor Donna Donnovan, I know who is Bruno; but I don't know who is Doctor Who. Can you, please tell me?
  • And also : who is Amy Pond? It is the first time I see the name, have you a aka? ;)
  • I've got it, thanks to wiki :). Donna is Donna Noble a companion of the tenth doctor. Doctor Who is a BBC series and Amy of the characters. It is an identity usurpation and you are a fake ...if you want an answer to your question by the Director of Content or her assistant, you'd better :
    - write in FRENCH
    - and say you are very unsatisfied, that it is disgusting, that you'll stop your lessons....
  • No, I'm very satisfied to find stuff about my favourite series in my english lesson !!! Even if I'm the whole one who see this... :-)
  • Please Amy, tell us more about Doctor Who series : can we find DVD in english version and subtitles in France ? I love England : I have been several times camping with my parents or for stays in families, and not so long ago in London with my husband and daughters.
  • Amy, you don't answer, you are not a good friend :(. I think I've found what can have been another model :) just read :¦ the new topic next chapter ;)
  • Hi Pond and Sophie,

    What an interesting discussion that I've stumbled across rather late - sorry about that!

    There are indeed a couple of Doctor Who fans on the GymGlish staff! However, we haven't named any of our characters after Doctor Who characters... yet! Taking inspiration from our favourite tv programme isn't a bad idea though, so watch this space!


    GymGlish Content Team
  • Too bad ! we've been said on this channel that Sophie died some months ago. Dr Donna doesn't write anymore either. What is she paid for ?

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