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I need e teacher

Hi everyone,
My name is Mai, I am a vietnamese, i like France and i want to learn french. Can you teach me about the french culture? If you are interested in Vietnam, I will help you know more about my country. We can speak english or french. I think it would be fun ^^
When you free, please contact me!(YM)


  • hello my name is Jenny I live in France and I am French at Chambery in French Alps it is hight mount

    Since 2 years I Have Been Learning with gimglish despite progress in my vocabulary and grammar, I need to speak Français, The French like you, My Friend Who Live With Me
    Will go to Vietnam this Automn I loved going With her but my health prevents me.
    I would love to tell you about my area and you from yours
    I saw some very nice a Kenh Ga next Ninh Binh i think . What is your area?
    I wait to read you
    I don't know if you understand me because my level is little in fact before to speak i still translate in French.
    I hope to speak with you and may be to see you by skpye for exemple I wait your news
    Bye Jenny
  • Hello Jenny,
    I am living in Hanoi (HÃ Ná»™i), this is a nice city. I was born at Thanhhoa (one city next Ninh Binh).
    How do you know about Ninh Binh? I am so curious.
    Don't worry about your english level. I have just learned english for 8 months . I hope that we can help each other.
    A bientôt!
  • hello jenny

    I am ho nguyen ; i am in baclieu ; My level english is primary . I trust you help to progress my level english for skill : write ; listen

    i looking forwar to you

    ho nguyen

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