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Do you use smileys ? ;)

My Grand'Ma has always used characters like !!! ??? / ... in her letters and later in her mails (she is now 94 and she still sends e-mails to her children and grand chidren). A few weeks ago, I suggested she could use smileys.
On this forum, I've seen that ; ) and : ) are translated to ;) and :) . Do you know some others and what is their meaning.
Perhaps you don't like smileys or emoticons at all ?


  • That was a message from S:)phie M:)a, ah ah, ah...
  • Whouahhh... 94, so, good luck to you for your 120th future birthday.
    I like smileys, but i'am too lazy...
    i would like to send "images", but not possible, beurrk !
  • Well, there are these three, too :
    [b]: D[/b] :D, [b]: ([/b] :(, and [b]: p[/b] :p
    I tried others that I know but they didn't turn into smileys...
  • OK, beautiful the ones with D and p. I could not see them through androïd ...;)
  • I just try this one :|
  • yes it works (:+ctl+alt+-)
  • super, but i'am certainly too lazzy, shame on me!

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