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I have just discovered the comment "Sticky Topic". The problem with them is that they are sticky for a very long time. When they are too numerous, one can only see them on the first screen; it will lead us to a sticky wicket situation :(


  • What ?
  • Whether a thread in a forum is constantly kept at the top is basically not a matter of HTML code, but has something to do with the web script, which pulls out the topics and their contents out of the database. But that would lead us too far into details of Dynamic Web Programming and is not pertinent in this case. Basically there are numerous ways of implementing the feature of 'sticky topics' for a dynamic HTML page and I haven't programmed the forum. Hence, I don't know which way the programmer's have chosen. But that issue is only beside the point.

    The original grievance from Sophie is that the proprietors of the forum are allegedly misusing their position to define threads (=topics) of their own which don't get degraded over time and stick at the top ('sticky topics'), while all other threads, commenced by GG users, are getting pushed down according to how often their are frequented. Well-frequented, hence popular threads are pushed up to the top, less frequently visited threads fall down and get eventually shoved to a next page.

    I don't think that sticky topics themselves are the problem, rather how and how frequently GG administrators employ them. For some topics, the status of 'always-at-the-top' may be legitimate, such as threads for introducing oneself or latest news concerning GymGlish, while for others it's individually whether they are useful for us the majority of users.

    In some departments, the sticky topics may have become too many, depending of course on which device and with which screen resolution you attend the forum: On a desktop computer with a screen resolution of 1280x1024 sticky topics are not big of a problem (except for their being moved to next pages), but on a Blackberry for example they are probably a nuisance. One would be assuredly well-adviced to confine the amount of sticky topics to what is presumably necessary and helpful for users and to, say, 3 or 4 sticky topics at most.

    Another issue is whether 'sticky topics' and the GG administrators can be hold responsible for dominating and suppressing certain topics. Basically, topics are degraded due to their popularity. If the original 'Hello People' topic had been often frequented recently, it would have been upgraded and wouldn't have been moved to the 2nd page. One that note, the degradation of the topic resonated with its decreasing popularity and is not compellingly connected to 'sticky topics': Even if they WERE no sticky topics at all, it would have been moved to the next page sooner or later anyway.

    Granted, 'sticky topics' are not subject to this kind of rating by popularity, even though not all sticky topics are considered useful and popular by the majority of users. Hence, there is the proposal that only a few topics for which it makes sense to be 'sticky' ought to become 'sticky', such as self-introduction threads. After all, which topics are eligible to become 'sticky' is predominantly for administrators to decide. And
  • Oh, I see. I was wondering: Has it really something to do with MS Windows. No - not really! The decoding of
    the HTML site revealed something interesting: The programmer used the HTML atribut 'alt' (for alternative) for the annotation 'Topic is sticky'. But the 'alt' attrib ute is not an universal HTMLL attribute and is only interpreted by the MS internet explorer (that's typical for MS: always do you your own thing, o matter what the common standdards are).

    Even if you have an MS operating system, but use the Firefox browser instead of IE, you won't get the annotation superimposed either when the cursors hovers over the icon.

    Whem it comes to what sticky topics are unnerving or not, I leave it completely to the administrators and stick to the tenet: Their game, their turf, their rules.

    Besides, the predominant bulk of stupid content on internet forums comes from the users themselves (including nincompoops and nitwits like me). By extension, I would not blame the proprietors of this fourm for it.
  • Okay, then, when you click 'comments about the Ehglish forum' the first topics which will happen at the top of the screen are reserved topics to the GG team : whatever the date, they will remain over GG users' topics. They don't follow the same rule as you say, just as if they were sticky. Under IE, they appear with a special pictogram on the left of the title and when you put the mouse on the pictogram a pop-up says 'Topic is sticky'. Whacky and Idoine who are keen at HTML code can give more explanations : it seems that these pictograms are not seen the same way by another browser than IE (the tools used to... browse the web such as Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer). I think it is not a good idea and that it is a kind of abuse of authority ;)
  • "Hello People" had disappeared. Helen says that because of new topic, it is down on the second page : this is a proof :( if there were not so many sticky topics "Hello People" would remain on first page much longer.
  • Thank you Whacky for these explanations. I use Internet Explorer at home and at my work, that is just why, and I amquite unable to go and see the HTML code.
  • Sorry, if you try it, the true label is "Topic is Sticky" and not "Sticky Topic" CU Sophie
  • I guess it is not an angel who writes "what" ;) .
    OK, Vic, click on "Gymglish Users..."
    Then, if you have a MS Windows computer, you'll see topics with a special pictogram at the top and on the left. (nota : they do not appear on my smartphone)
    If you leave your mouse steady on the pictogram you should soon see appearing "Sticky Topic". It means their authors have special rights to maintain their topic through centuries, whatever stupidity (or not) it expresses. We are not allowed to use German or French or Italian (which is right because we are supposed to perform our english), but THEY can use any forbiden language ;)
  • I have just discovered the comment "Sticky Topic". The problem with them is that they are sticky for a very long time. When they are too numerous, one can only see them on the first screen; it will lead us to a sticky wicket situation :(

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