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I would like to know the subtleties between the words "trip", "journey" and "travel"?

Thank you !


  • Hi, I tried something.

    1- les voyages en général : travel (uncountable noun)
    travel broadens the mind (les voyages ouvrent l'esprit / forment la jeunesse)
    what do I spend on travel? (à combien me reviennent les déplacements?)
    I bill my company for my travel expenses (je me fais rembourser les frais de voyages par l’entreprise)
    I like travel (j’aime les voyages)
    foreign travel (les voyages à l'étranger)
    travel agency (agence de voyages)

    2- certains voyages mais pas tous et pas un seul : travels (plural noun)
    for example only travels of mine :
    I met them on my travels in Canada (je les ai rencontrés au cours de mes voyages au Canada)

    3- un voyage ou un trajet (deux ou plus..) : a trip, a journey, trips journeys.
    According to dictionaries the two words are supposed to be exactly synonyms, but I feel the British seem to have a preference for ‘journey’. I have already read such a sentence as :
    ‘the journey to work takes him ten minutes (il met dix minutes pour aller au travail)
    But I must admit I’m not very fond of that kind of ‘amazing literature’ and I have never heard anybody speak this way yet. But who knows... one day..
    I do prefer just to say something like :
    ‘my commute is a half an hour metro trip’

    Other examples :
    a railroad trip
    a business trip
    a school trip
    They are on a trip to Italy
    are you going on the trip? (serez vous du voyage?)
    have a nice trip! Bon voyage (with a good accent) is also possible.

    And the last one :
    I try not to speak about any journey, yet I’m not superstitious.
    I’m just not ready to go on my ‘last journey’ yet.
    I’m not in a hurry!

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