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Hi everyone, I create this topic to improve my vocabulary in the field of Medicine or Pharmacology. I hope that it will be interesting!
Today, one man has a sore throat and his chest hurts, sometimes, he coughs. Guess what he has condition!


  • Terminal colon cancer
    Tool of diagnosis: Colonoscopy
  • I don't think so. I think he has got the flu.
    Who can explain to me about "Mean survival time".
    Thank you very much! ^^
  • Mean and average are the same : it will tell how long people are usually going to survive with a given illness. For instance if "Terminal colon cancer" means a terminal cancer of the colon it wont last long. If it is cancer of the terminal colon, it will last longer and if it is a semi-colon, it should last double time (but I am not sure of my english, don't take this for true ;) )
  • Mutation of a colon cell (marks show results of daily cytological look-days separated with a dash)
    Time for stabilizing the mutation: 6 days

    Mutation of a semi-colon cell (marks are
    Time for stabilization: 3 days

    Some might think that Sophie was right. But mind you! The mutation of a cell doesn't allow you to gather from it the survival time of the patient, be that patient a punctuation mark. The mean survival time of a patient has to be reckoned by a statistical survey.

    Anyway, Sophie, Tua be a crafty one!
  • That reminds me of Schroedinger's cat: You know only if it's dead or not after you've lifted the lid and taken a look. And the half-life period of the radioactive substance in this thought-experiment is only a statistical value as well. When you leave the cancer patient alone and leave him unobserved, you have (paradoxically) a superposition of a dead and an alive patient. The instance you visit him, that superposition (the wave function) collapses and determines one of the system states: either a dead patient or a alive patient.

    Bullshit - of course. But impressive, isn't it ;-)
    And a little bit distateful :-(
  • mutation of a smiley :( -> :) -> ;)
  • in an InternetExplorer environnement;
    :-( -> :-| -> :-) -> ;-) for whacky and others
  • Some mutations are beneficent as long as Sophie controls the process.
  • Maybe. But that's a fallacy. Neither has it got to do something with the type of browser nor with..

    The GymGlish parser for the entered comments is only a human being as well, and does only recognize certain characters series as emoticons and translate them into nice, yellow images. ; ) for example is recognized as winking face, whereas ;-) is not. That' the crux.

    Sophie uses so many emoticon - she's familiar with that. Keep up the good work to cater
    us with yellow images.

    Anyway, noboby's interested in Schroedinger' cat and quantum mechanics? That's a bummer. Granted, it's a nerd's topic.
    I see. :(

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