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Hi everyone, I create this topic to improve my vocabulary in the field of Medicine or Pharmacology. I hope that it will be interesting!
Today, one man has a sore throat and his chest hurts, sometimes, he coughs. Guess what he has condition!

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  • I don't know the meaning of "white male". Can someone explain to me?
  • From Yann Le Ster:
    Next month I'll have a colonoscopy, just as explained by Dr Whacky in the former reply. You see I take care.


    You don't care. Some peple are only pretending! Some people are just arrogant and only regard themselves 'non-trivial' - and only have the immature notion that working in financial administration make them neccessarily a responsible person - but in fact, they
    just do it for their own vanity and postive self-image
    They don't do REAL WORK!

    Think about that!
  • Some people have the flu and don't die; some people have a cancer and don't die. I've had the flu and I've had a cancer and I am still alive...I am a real Survivor
  • Here it seems that we use 'coloscopie', but I have seen with GOOGLE that both can be used in French and perhaps upper Quievrain you use 'colonoscopie' . Why did we cut 'on' ?...that is a mystery.
  • We are here to improve our english and this topic is appropriate because we have to verify words. For instance colonoscopy could be the same word in french but it is not.
    Colon is OK and anastomosis also. Thanks to the clinic's medical personnel, they do real and good work !
  • If the flu, you will die within a few days. If you have a cancer, Death will run to you after some years. So which one is more dangerous?
  • please ask more specificaly what do you ask ? what happen with the two patology in the same time?
  • mean :
    Mean and average are the same : it will tell in the medium of the population , how long people are usually going to survive with a given illness.
  • White is about the colour of the skin.
    Male defines the sex.
    Methinks, Mai.
  • According to what I've heard and learned, anastomosis (English) turns anastomose in French. I think it's anastomose in German and Spanish too. (to be checked) In the same way, a colonoscopy is 'une colonoscopie'.
    I think most technical words look alike in our western languages.
    Keep up the high spirits.

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