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I'am so sorry to say that...

for months and months, so long....
the same notations, am i so null ?
just wonder why, but no one could answer of course, so... silly to ask !
Anyway, nice to meet you on the blog.


  • Hi Vic ! I'm sure you are not that bad. As an alumnus, I can tell you sometimes I've had very bad scores and I made the same grammatical mistake "again and again", but I don't think there is a direct link between the daily note and the final score. I must say I don't know how GG manages but I was really surprised by the score written on my diploma ;) .
  • Hi Victorine, we don't hear from you - are you still in a sad mood ? it would be nice to have you back on the forum even if you think your english is not perfect. What do you think of Schroedinger's cat ?
  • I can't tell about Schroeginger's cat, i did not follow the "fil", anyway, i hardly manage my two cats, Mimzelle and Tonton....
    My daily score don't disturb me that much, but i wonder about the global score, for months and months.... still 5.1, i'am probably lazzy or... scatterbrain.
    Anyway, to-morrow we will be sober.
    Cheers Sophie and every one
  • and perhaps you have kittens once a year ;) ? How do you manage ?
  • hard decision; pills for a while, then, Mimzelle, my husband and I, went to the veterinarian.... you know what happend !
    Now, she can go here and there without trouble.
  • and Tonton is still fond of her ;)...
  • of course, he has been to the Veterinarian as well.... long time ago!

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