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speaking in english

Icould like to pratice the english with somebody

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  • You're right Yann. Marseille is untidy. The clearness of the streets is not a hight quality of Marseille! But if Marseille has great defects, the city gest a lot of cultural qualities. The choice is a good choice for culture because of music wich is an important art of the city , for instance, the marseillan "rap" or the opera), movies (a huge number of movies are complety or in part realised in Marseille), litterature (whzt is nammed "le polar marseilais", bur also others kinds of litterature; there also are marseillan independant publishers), theaters (after Paris, marseille is the second city which gets the greatest number of theaters), comtemporary art (with in example "la Friche" and artist residence), for the number of museums (one of the most important in France), for the qualiy of festivals ("les docks" and "Babel" for music, but also documentary festival), etc. If you don't look only at the negative appearances, that are a reality , Marseille is a very interessant and cultural city, with a huge cultural offer and an high personality.
  • Here from quebec the culture is present we have summer theatre, music festival, also contry festival if you like the horses you would be to serve.we have
    camping ground everywhere to Quebec and the Canada it is very popular the peoples likes that it look really family all the persons know it.Each place has his beauty and his ugly.
    Saturne next time have a good day
  • Montreal different festivals are very reputated like the jazz festival or the humour festival.
    Yes, every place have its advantages and its inconvenients.
    Camping was a littke bit obsolete in France but niw it's becoming again very popular. Camping grounds are now confortable with mobile homes inside. It's cheapest than an hotel.
    Have a nice day.
  • Allo, what kind of weather have you in summer and winter? did you already see of snow? I know what you have rain season but for the snow!I don't know.
    The Quebec is renown for the snow.We are to wrap up of the head until feet.
    Presently its rain much, we have had much flood near of montreal in Montérégie the people are evacuate of theirs houses it's very sad to see, some people are not insurance. bye next ime
    Have a good day Saturne
  • Hi Saturne.
    That king of rain is a real tragedy for the people who live that. It's very sad for those who lost their home ans sometimes their life.
    This situation happened rarely in Marseille and more generally in Provence, the district of Marseille. But sometimes, when it was rainning suddenly during several hours, some people who were outside walking or driving their car died, because of the river or the harbor wich growths up.
    We have very nice weather from april till november. In summer, the temperature can be around 38/40 degrees celsius, so warm. Everybody goes to the beach.
    In september and october, it's rainning a lot, but not every day.
    And in winter sometimes it's snowing. Not all the years. We had snow that winther.
  • Allo, you have a nice weather 38/40 celsius not to Quebec the summer when we have 30/32 celsius it very well.
    Since how many time learning you to english? you well untangle, me I have a few difficult to writing and speaking it is a language not easy but with the time maybe what I shall be to speaking and to have a best hand for writing.
    today we have had a wonderful sun, the people are encouraged it enough for the rain. presently it is 20 hours 20 tonight and you at Marseille what time is it? good night see you later bye Saturne
  • Hi Saturne.
    Now it's 9 o'clock in the morning in France. I think that we have about five hours of jetlag between France and Quebec. At the moment I'm writing, it should be about 4 o'clock A. M. in Quebec.
    Today the weather is awfull! There is a very violent wind, the local wind nammed "le mistral". Peharps its speed is about 130/400 kilometers an hour. It could be very dangerous, in the street because of items that can fall down from the building on people, and of course in the sea. The fishermen stay at home when it's windy like today because it's too much dangerous to work.
    I habve learned English at school, 7 years. But I never spoke it fluently. I had an intermdiary level. And I stopped learning it till years and years. But as I do like to travel, I go on speaking english because I went in english spoken coutnries or in countries where English is the international touristic langage.
    Now that's two months I try to improve my English with Gymglish.
    Have a nice day.
    See you
  • Yes. I looked out the window yesterday evening and saw a front of black clouds approachingt and anticipated a tremendous thunderstorm. It looked so dangerous. And I thought: Now the world is really coming to an end. Jehovah's witnesses were actually right and I never believed it ;)
  • Today, the wind stop blowing and I'm still alive! But what's about the end of the year ?! I make a great prediction: at this shap momment: the 31th of december 2011, at 11h59 p.m., that will be the end of the year! I'm sure of that.
  • Hello, Gymglish is a good way to learn English...but you don't have the opportunity to speak it ! I'm living in Brussels and I want to find an English speaker who wants to learn french... We could spend one hour in English and then one hour in French... Interested ? Write me ==>(

    Thank you !

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