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speaking in english

Icould like to pratice the english with somebody

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  • From Pierre Saint-Amand:
    Hello, Gymglish is a good way to learn English...but you don't have the opportunity to speak it ! I'm living in Brussels and I want to find an English speaker who wants to learn french... We could spend one hour in English and then one hour in French... Interested ? Write me ==>(

    Thank you !

      I see what you want to speak french one hour and one hour in english. I would want to learn my english to speaking if you speak in english myself I am french maybe to try something I waiting your response bye Talchan
  • I enjoyed reading Quebec City.
    Hope that nobody, dans la Bonne Ville de Québec, read about that.
    Anyway, GG Guys and Guyesses, if any, are rather from Montréal, I guess
    ( Could someone tell me the Feminime form of Guy, it would prevent you from my stupid 'Guyesses')
  • From saturne:
    Me I come from of quebec , do you speak english? I can to wrinting a few but I don't speak very well the english it is why I want to pratice



    Hi Saturne ! I'm Jeanne, from France too, I really love "québécois"& all from Quebec, ( movies, recent & old, like me, I'm 56 years old ) I've not a good english (so why this courses?) do you have Skype on your compucter? ok there is a few hours of difference but also us, yes WE CAN (try) . I'm
    I'm free of work ( they 'll never want to see me again ...I' m not a goog seler i their bank .so I spend my time beetween my romate, my old dog reading different kind of books, english, gutar, a few sport, in the club of the city & museums ( when it's not too expensive) I live in Paris .
    I don't go very often/forum so if you want to answer it's better to do it by email.
    Have a nice day !

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