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It's best not to leave your full e-mail address on websites

from a former Topic :"It's best not to leave your full e-mail address on websites, as this can lead to spam!" yes of course and even worse.
One of my friends had a mail box on a very famous web site. Two weeks ago I received a first e mail in French, the translation follows :
'Dear ---, tell me, where are you by now? I hope I don't bother you.
I'd need your fiancial help, seriously. I don't have a telephone.
Then, please, contact me with a mail secretively, it is really delicate - signed first name'.
I asked for more information, verified the adress mail as his own real one.
I soon received a much longer mail asking for money to be sent at a certain Doctor's adress. When I reached my friend on the phone, he just told me his adress had been hacked and he could'nt even reconnect. He hadn't kept adresses of his friends on his own computer and had had yet no time enough to reconsider the whole thing.


  • Yes Yann, you are certainly right and the story is a good example of what happens on the net. Fortunately, on this forum, it is just as if it were a masked ball in Venice, all for pleasure; and we can say anything, nobody will recognize us unless we give clues. Life is so funny by some aspects, relax ;)

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