The Delavigne Corporation

What's the pitch?

Mr Delavigne,
What's happing to you? Are you ill? Have you lost your appendix?
For a bit longer than a week, I've been just getting this from you.
"GymGlish user, you have been completing more than your allowed five lessons per week! Slow down! You will receive a 'Story' element soon!"
Bruno, entre nous, I'm so hooked on Susie. I'm totally out of me, really. What means soon?
Awaiting your comment


  • Believe me, I'd be astonished if you get an answer from 1) Bruno, 2) Delavigne's Company 3) GG Staff, the Queen of Contents only answers to complaints in foreign languages. You have an answer from me but I am not appointed to the task. Some time ago you'd have had an answer from Donna, but she doesn't keep the ball rolling any more. Joe doesn't write much now, it's a pity, and Whacky prefers the English Language Forum. Vic is on holiday and Sophie doesn't look inspired. Good days have gone.
  • Hey, Alumnus, i'am not always in holydays, and not always depressed, even if..... what goes uo must go down !
    "schools'out for ever" as sang Alice Cooper some time ago. Perhaps you're too young and don't know that song.
    You're sure about Donna ? makes me sad, i enjoyed the enneagram, even if it was completly unenderstable ( is that word right ?) for me.
    By the time, i am drown among cherries and fed up of jam and cherry stuff. Who wants cherries ? Sorry i can't come to the Gymgglish partyy, othermise, it woulld have been with .... cherries.
  • Good morning, Vic, I am not too young to know Alice Cooper (I'm not yet a ghost, but an old-timer, sure I am). I know the name and I'm gonna see Youtube because it was'nt the kind of music I'd have listened to, but I must try it now !
  • Done; i've seen him :| and heard too "School's Out (from live at Montreux)". Now I know Alice Cooper isn't a girl or a car...;)

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